Magic is not so much a physical thing as it is the ability to recognize, tap into and control the primordial, metaphysical and natural forces that run through all things of this world. The magic user (witches and sorcerers) have the ability to sense this driving force and channel it via manipulation of the various elements: earth, water, air, fire, spirit and blood.

Magical force (also known as energy, essence, spirit, power and numerous other names) is composed of two halves which constantly work against one another and also work together. One half, innately recognized and sensed by witches, is a calm, gentle force. It is expressed in the elements of water and earth, to which female spellcasters have an affinity. The other half is its opposite, violent and demanding and must be controlled and dominated. It aligns to the elements of air and fire, and is much more easily manipulated by sorcerers.

Spirit exists on its own, and can be either forceful or gentle, brutal or weak depending on where and how the power is tapped into.

Blood is a darkly wicked aspect of magic. No one knows (perhaps except a very old fae) how the primordial forces of the world came to be tainted by blood. Blood is a powerful element; it is also dark and dangerous. It separates itself from spirit and tends to run through and touch upon the fire and air elements. Over time, this has made those who connect more easily to fire and air, specifically sorcerers, more attuned to this force and the ability to wield it.

It should be noted that many, some would argue most, witches and sorcerers in the modern world do not recognize this description of magic. Nor do they have an awareness of the elements and channeling them to create what is considered magic. Instead, they are taught to touch their inner power, or draw power from the world outside of them. They rely on spells and invocations handed down through generations to produce these effects. In addition, magic may also be utilized through the use of elixirs (potions), charms and amulets, and the more dangerous summoning and conjuring of existing objects and other worldly entities. (The latter is considered highly dangerous and potentially fatal, and is not advised.)

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