All werewolves share some common abilities.

Werewolves have enhanced strength. A weak werewolf can lift anywhere from three hundred to six hundred pounds. Stronger werewolves can easily lift twice that amount.

They possess a hearty being and innate wellness. Werewolves are rarely, if ever, ill, and their injuries heal at an accelerated rate.

Like their canine brethren, werewolves have heightened hearing and olfactory senses. Werewolves can recognize other werewolves by scent, and can learn to recognize vampires by their lack of a natural, normative human scent.

Werewolves age slowly. A werewolf in his/her fifties would resemble a human in his/her mid-thirties and have the same virility and vitality.

Though very rare, some werewolves possess the control necessary to allow them to perform partial shifts; for example, they could shift their hands to claws while maintaining the rest of their human form. It's important to note that shifts are not instantaneous, and can take up to half an hour to complete.

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