Common Traits

Across the world and the centuries, different peoples and cultures have had their own share of Vampire stories. There are many legends and myths about these night dwellers who sustain themselves on stolen blood. There is a wealth of superstition and misinformation regarding what they can and cannot do. Everything from how they feed to how to kill them has been passed on via oral tradition, written about and reflected on in the media by Hollywood and various book publishers. As with all myth and superstition, there is some truth, some falsehood and only Vampires, and those who have taken time to study them, know for certain where the lines are drawn.

The powers and abilities of Vampires are as varied as the Vampires themselves, but there are some commonalities.

Common Characteristics and Traits of Vampires

Vampires share many common characteristics and traits across Bloodlines. Many of these are well known, and repeatedly heard in Vampire mythology and represented in media. These are: Immortality, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Strength, Enhanced Reflexes, Supernatural Healing and Regeneration, Superhuman Senses, Enhanced Stamina and Endurance, Compulsion and Bloodlust.

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