There is no way to avoid it. Vampires need it for survival, the way that humans need oxygen, food, and water. Part of the gift (or curse) of being a Vampire is the Hunger. The Hunger of bloodlust calls out for blood, and only fresh, living blood can temporarily slake that thirst.1 It may be satisfied, but it is ever present. Without blood, a vampire will go insane and eventually succumb to starvation.2

Though a Vampire can subsist from animal blood and bagged blood, neither is optimal in the long term. There is some debate as to which 'off-brand' is better. Animal blood is argued to be more pure because it doesn't have the 'additives and preservatives' that bagged blood does; even human bagged blood, however, is human blood. In the end, the point is moot. Subsistence on anything other than blood from a living, human victim is a half-life. Vampire abilities are weaker, and they are much more prone to giving into blood lust and frenzy if they have been denied (or denied themselves) human blood for too long.

Under normal, non-stressful circumstances, feeding is a pleasurable process for both Vampires, and their victims. The reasons why this is for victims is unknown, but for both parties it is an extreme pleasure often likened to orgasm. This is the reason that many mortals become addicted to the bite of the Vampire and it becomes easy for Vampires to feed and cull from a pool of willing donors.

Willing donors make it much easier for Vampires to slake their thirst. Each Bloodline, with the exception of the Trevos, recruits and maintains a pool of 'donors' known as the Blood Pool. Mortals within the Pool are often referred to as Blood Dolls. The Blood Pool is a collective of individual across the city, however, it should come as no surprise that the Bloodlines maintain houses and living residences specifically to provide access to Vampires for feeding.3 In addition to this, there are Blood Brothels within the Undercity, where the same is provided, however, despite presentation the victims are not always willing donors.

A Vampire with Vampire Visage showing.
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Although it has been stated that the feeding is pleasurable, there are times when it is not. When a Vampire is provoked or enraged, or bites and feeds in anger or in the throes of ravenous Hunger or blood lust, it is an unpleasant and often extremely painful experience for the individual on the receiving end. Of course, most do not live to tell this tale because when bitten under such circumstances, it typically leads to death: either by draining or bleeding out.

When a Vampire feeds, their demonic visage comes forth. The Vampire's eyes first turn red, then black. The fangs extend and black dimpling of veins and blood appear around their eyes.4

Vampires do not need human food for survival. They are, however, capable of eating it in order to facilitate and maintain a human appearance. It differs between Vampires whether or not they have a liking of human food. Some enjoy the taste, having specific preferences for sweet, salty or spicy, while other abhor such and only eat a minimal amount to maintain appearances.


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