Creating a Vampire

The process of creating a new vampire takes approximately three nights. While not an overly complicated process, creating a Child is not a task that a vampire will undertake lightly. Creating a new vampire requires an unspoken agreement of dedication and protection to the neonate vampire, and a Maker is considered responsible for the actions of his/her Child. There is also a bond between Maker and Child: the Maker can sense his Child, and can locate her by this other sense; the Maker will know if their Child is killed. The Child has a sense of loyalty and fealty to their Maker1; the Child can sense their Maker's presence and nearness.

Psychics, sorcerers and witches may be turned into vampires, but they have only a twenty-five percent chance of retaining their supernatural abilities. Shifters and werewolves cannot be turned into vampires, and the process of doing so would result in their immediate, and often painful, death.

The process for creating a new vampire is as follows:

First Phase

The vampire must drain nearly all of the blood from the human's body until the point of death and the blood must be replaced with the vampire's blood. Alternately, the person may be at the point of death and given enough vampire blood to revitalize them2.

Second Phase

In the second phase, the human to be turned must be die, either purposefully killed by their own hand or their Makers, or via unexpected death. There is a high probability that they will die within hours (or days) of having their blood replaced, but a vampire choosing to make a child does not take such chances3.

Third Phase

The body will assume a state of death for three days. After three days, the human 'awakens' at sunset but they are not truly a vampire yet. They are in transition at this point. The human has until sunset to decide whether they wish to transition into becoming a vampire; if they choose not to do so, they will die permanently at sunset.

A human in transition is seated in a maelstrom of sensations and emotions. All of his senses will be heightened: lights are brighter, sounds are sharper and clearer, smells are stronger, tactile sensations are more potent. She will crave blood, and with each passing hour the hunger for that blood will grow stronger and stronger. (In the case of a proper turning, the Maker will provide sustenance for the Child's first feeding.)

There is no second guessing or being indecisive on the first feeding. The first feeding must be a full kill4, and it is the only way to complete the transition.


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