The covenants are the ancient laws and rules, handed down from generation to generation of Vampire, from Sire to Child for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. These are the law of the land, no matter where a Vampire may travel, and each Vampire is expected to know and uphold these.

The First Covenant: The Masquerade

This is the highest and most sacred of the Vampire Covenants. The First Covenant, The Masquerade demands that the knowledge and existence of true vampires be kept a secret from mortal man. To reveal themselves to the mortal world would place Vampires in jeopardy.

It is important to understand that The Masquerade is to protect Vampires from mortal man. Supernatural entities are well aware of the existence of the undead. Vampires often cross paths with others who share the need to hide themselves from mortal man, and it is not uncommon, when in times of strife and persecution, for Vampires to find themselves allied with other supernaturals.

Due to the nature of Vampires, however, these truces are often brief and short lived.

The Second Covenant: Responsibility

Create another of our kind at your own behest, but be it known that responsibility of such lies upon your head.

The Second Covenant governs the creation of new vampires. Any vampire may sire another vampire (create a Child), however, the training and tutelage of that new vampire is solely the responsibility of the vampire who sired him. In addition, any mistakes and wrong doing of said Child may come back and fall upon the shoulders of the Sire.

Vampires should only create new vampires if they are willing to take on the responsibility of caring for said progeny.

The Third Covenant: Domain

Vampires, especially particularly powerful vampires, establish a domain over where they rule. Each of the vampires in that domain, must agree to respect the rules and the leadership of the vampire in charge (whether it be the Prince of the City, or the King of the Realm).

When entering into a new area, vampires are expected to present themselves to the vampire leader in the region and to obey all the laws set down.

The Fourth Covenant: Destruction

Vampires may not kill their own kind. Taking the (un)life of another vampire is for the murderer to forfeit her own existence. A vampire may not kill another of his kind without seeking approval from an elder. It is then up to the elder whether or not to grant such permission, or in rare cases to declare a blood hunt.

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