Sorcerer and witch magic grew out of practicality and necessity. At the most basic levels, they are rooted in protection, designed to aid the spellcaster when a dangerous or threatening situation. Spells are not 'fun' or entertaining; there are no spells to create food from thin air or create a magical bag of holding. The primary difference between witch and sorcerer spellcasting is the focus of their magic. Sorcerers specialize in offense and illusion; witches specialize in defense and healing.

Sorcerers can cast witch spells and vice-versa. Each is naturally best at his/her own magic, but an excellent sorcerer can out-cast a decent witch in her own magic…and vice-versa. Training and commitment are more important than innate ability.

Spells are learned in levels, and many are just building blocks to gain access to higher levels of a spell.1 Once a Basic spell is mastered, it's not unusual for a sorcerer to move on to an Intermediate level spell, and forget the original basic spell in favor of the more powerful one. All spells must be learned in order. One cannot skip right to an Advanced spell without the proper steps between Basic and Intermediate to achieve it.

The following is only a partial list of spells. There is no complete compendium of sorcerer (or witch) spells. Spells are identified by B(asic), I(ntermediate), and A(dvanced.)2

Name Level Description
anti-confusion I dispels confusion
anti-demon A conjuring, repels demons
anti-summoning I dispels effects of summoning spells
barrier A erects an invisible barrier
blur I blurs an object or self (doesn’t hide)
confusion I chaos spell, causes general confusion
energy bolt I emits energy bolt from fingertips, strength: unconscious to lethal
fireworks B emits colored lights (building block to energy bolt)
fog B creates a small area of fog
glamour A changes physical appearance to resemble another, relies on viewer’s expectations (i.e. if they don’t expect to see someone else, they won't)
ice I,A freezes target, strength: chill to hypothermia-inducing
illusion I create illusion triggered by crossing barrier
knock-back B causes target to stumble back
summoning I, A class of spells for summoning various entities
telekinesis B, I move object a small distance (minor & major versions)

NOTE: Describing a sorcerer's powers and spells in detail is particularly difficult to do given the variation in sorcerer skills and the flexibility of magic. If you are playing a sorcerer, and are wondering if a spell would be possible or if a sorcerer would have access to it, it would be best to contact Staff for discussion and clarification.


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