Abilities & Weaknesses

Sorcerers have the potential to powerful, but they are not all powerful. They are a supernatural entity, and like all others, their ability to channel magic is countered by their weaknesses. They are human, they are mortal, and they are not long lived1.


  • Spellcasting - Sorcerers possess the abilities to cast spells. See Spellcraft for more information.
  • Stored spells - Casters can begin their spells ahead of time, saving the last words or gestures until the timing is right.2
  • Identification - Sorcerers can recognize witches on sight. In addition, a sorcerer can recognize another sorcerer via physical contact. A handshake or brushing the arm of another sorcerer will alert the sorcerer to the other's connection to magic. The older and more experienced the sorcerer, the more likely he can identify the other's strength.


  • Somatic - Sorcerers must use gestures, whether they be elaborate, or a small flickering of the finger, to cast spells. A bound sorcerer is powerless.
  • Visual - Additionally, many spells require line of sight, and therefore being in the dark, or unable to see the target prevents the sorcerer from casting a spell and using his magic.
  • Power Cap - Sorcerers are born with all of the power that they will ever possess. They cannot gain or create more power. Some sorcerers are quite weak and limited in their spellcasting abilities, while others are frighteningly strong. A "weak" sorcerer may learn as many spells as he would like, but it will not increase his raw magical power.

    Ironically, it is safer to be a "weak" sorcerer as opposed to a strong one. A "weak" sorcerer will not be able to cast particularly strong spells, and will collapse from exhausation long before a "strong" sorcerer will. On the opposite end of the spectrum, because of her raw strength, a stronger sorcerer runs the risk of burning himself out and/or killing himself from channeling too much magic and performing too intricate and demanding of spells.


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