Rambling Witchly Weekly Recap, Part the First

by Siobhan Knight
11 Jul 2012 15:01 (updated 11 Jul 2012 15:01) | 0 comment(s)

Harper spent the night. No, not like that.

We were texting each other last night while he was hanging out with a few old friends from high school, and even though I knew we were going to see other tonight, I kind of teased that he should drop by and rescue me from hanging with Chris and his new girlfriend. (Yes, my little brother has a girlfriend. An honest to goodness girlfriend, and not just someone he took on one movie date and got bored with.)

I was surprised, but a good kind of surprised, when he actually showed up. It was right after dinner and Mom teased him that he could have shown up for dinner and not just dessert. It was kind of funny because it was the first time that Harper's been over since he officially asked me to be his girlfriend on July 4th, and I could tell Mom was trying really hard not to gush and squee all over us. Even Chris could tell because he kept giving me looks and making faces, and sending me texts on the sly. I mean, Mom is the picture of poise and grace most of the time, so she had to really be cracking at the seams if Chris could tell, too. (I asked Harper later what he picked up from her and he just said, "She's happy we're together," which I translated to mean that she has started prioritizing her list of caterers and banquet halls and bridal boutiques.)

It was a little bit odd and double-datish, hanging out with Chris and Mandy (she's cute and vivacious! and perk-perk-perky! which is great in small doses, but I don't know how Chris handles in longer spurts). We got to escape because it came to a point where we couldn't agree on a movie to watch, and Harper and I left "the kids" to the television room and went to my room to watch something on Netflix. I could tell Harper was reluctant at first (probably because Dad was so 'you're going to defile my daughter' about it the last time we tried, but I told him that Mom and I talked and the rules stayed the same since high school days: so long as the door is open, it's cool.

(I should have blogged about that convo, yeah, but now I'm too lazy. The short of it is, Mom knows that I'm adult, and knows that I'm not a virgin and haven't been since Jesse. She gets it, but she can't bend the rules for me, or she'd have to bend them for Chris and he's at that age where he's a walking hormone. I was really annoyed after Dad's behavior, and I still think he's living in a dream world where I'm still twelve and virginal, but at least I get why they don't want me and Harper fooling around at home. It's going to be frustrating, yeah, and expensive to rent a hotel room whenever we want some sexy fun time, but Mom kind of hinted that they're going to head up to the Hamptons a week early for some private time of their own - which, I really don't want to think about too hard - and that Chris and I would have the house to ourselves. Yeah, I never thought I would see the day my mother was giving me covert permission to fool around with my boyfriend in her absence.)

Anyway, we found a horrible, terrible indie drama to watch and make fun of, but then we both fell asleep at some point. When I woke up to go to the bathroom (too much iced tea and vitamin water) it was two o' clock in the morning. That's not the funny part. The bedroom light was turned off, the television was turned off, and a light comforter had been thrown over both of us. I was so giddy that I actually woke Harper up, and was trying to explain it, but I think he picked it up from what I was thinking instead of what I was saying. See, Mom always does that when Jenna sleeps over - she'll peek in and if we've crashed out, she'll cover us up and tuck us in. Harper and I are both adults, but doing that and not shooing Harper out and sending him home was her stamp of approval on our relationship.

After everything that happened beginning last week, it was just the sort of thing that I needed.

Last week was good and bad (and weird.)

Chance called me Sunday night and wanted to talk sorcerer magic. My little power surge at Amber Bardot's party got his attention, and he was talking to his Dad about it. Which really annoyed me, but also embarrassed me, but I'm totally over it now. I hindsight, it was sweet of Chance to do that. He barely knows me, and I haven't been making it easy on him because of the whole sorcerer thing. (I'm being nicer now, though. He's a nice guy, fun, and flirty, but innocent flirty and I like that. I had to talk to Harper about it after Jenna and Quin got the wrong vibe from our flirting, but Harper is cool with it so long as he knows it's only flirting. I've reassured him that I'm not interested in chance that way and I think that after what happened on the Fourth, he's pretty convinced. But I'm not there yet.)

After talking to Chance, I agreed to meet him the next morning. He picked Central Park, down by the lake and the old stream, The Gill. I thought it was weird place to meet, but once he started showing me how to channel the extra energy toward the water - because it's my grounding element - I kind of got it. Especially since we both left Central Park soaked. I learned something though, and I felt in control and not like I was going to explode if I got upset or over excited. I think I might have even surprised him when I gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek. (Strictly friendly). He's started calling me Siobhan (and sometimes Shiv) more often that Piper so I think we might be making progress there.

That night, Jenna had her cooking lesson with Quin and Harper was busy, so when I got a call from one of the Julliard girls, Bethany, to go out, I went. While they went shopping, I decided that ice cream was calling my name and there was a cute sorcerer there. Yes, I went there. Using the word cute and sorcerer in the same sentence. It was a surreal thing. He knew what I was and he still offered to buy me ice cream. He also bought some for a beat cop. I was trying really hard to play nice, because I hadn't given Chance a fair shake so I was going to stop assuming all sorcerers are Totes Evil and at least be polite.

I probably should have stuck with my original approach. He was a Reynard. Not just any Reynard. Not one of the cousins, but this is one of the "royal family" and son of the one the Big Names At RINC. Nicholas Reynard.

Don't get me wrong, he was all kinds of nice and even said that the whole enmity between our kinds is outdated. I want to believe he's telling the truth and that he was just being friendly but he's a Reynard and I've been warned away from them more than sorcerers in general.

I told Jenna about it, and she said that he could have been just messing with me. I didn't get that vibe from him, but I'm not an empath, but why would he mess with me? As far as he knew I was just some no-name witch. (Was. I did tell him my name. Eventually. But not until we were done talking and after he invited me to a purely platonic dinner and to visit Decades. I might have neglected to tell Jenna that part.)

He gave me his card, but I'm not going to call him. Probably not. I mean, I'm not interested in him like that, but … what if he was sincere? What if he's like Chance and this is an opportunity to make contact with a Reynard who isn't evil? It's one of the things Chance and I talked about Friday morning when we met for our next "lesson." (Not that the Reynards are evil). Chance wants to help supes. He wants to see the walls come down between witches and sorcerers because he thinks we could do great things together if there wasn't so much enmity, and I think he's right. Or maybe he's just going to be a really good lawyer :)

It's possible that Nicholas could think the same way? If Chance wants to change the world, he can't do it alone and he needs others who think like him. It could go a long way if Reynard really did …but yeah, I didn't even mention Reynard to Chance. I didn't do anything wrong. It was ice cream and a short conversation, but after Jenna's reaction (and Harper telling me the same thing and to stay away from him), I'm not sure I should bring it up again.

The morning is getting away from me and I have to get a move on. I'll play catch up more later.


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