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by Siobhan Knight
28 Jun 2012 00:14 (updated 28 Jun 2012 00:14) | 0 comment(s)

NOTE: IC Date is June 19, 2012

Tuesday is my day off.

Not really. I don’t get a day off.

That sounds bad. My mother isn’t a slave driver and I love my work. I get to do what I love, which is dance. I get to teach what I love, which is dance. It could only be more perfect if I got to practice magic while dancing. Or got to teach magic.

I am off today just because I needed the rest. I didn’t sleep well on Sunday night. Truth? I woke up after Mom and Chris went to bed and pulled out one of Dad’s old grimoires. Basic sorcerer stuff but not so basic that I knew any of it. Dad’s been very “need to know” about sorcerer magic and there’s a lot he seems to think I don’t need to know. Yeah, I should talk to him about it, and I will. Just not yet, not until I’ve had a chance to work at this stuff a bit more.

It was of those times when I wish I had my own place. I felt like a little kid or some sneaking teenager when I’m doing it that way, but I don’t want the inevitable argument. Everyone wants me to be a witch. The perfect little Coven witch. Flawless. Except I think they forget that I’m part sorcerer too sometimes. Or remember it when it suits.

To bed very late, very little sleep and it made from a sleepy, cranky Shiv at the studio on Monday and Mom sent me home to nap before the Gala and gave me today off. Good thing she did send me home, else I would have gotten cranky with Dad there instead of waiting to do it at home behind closed doors.

Sorcerers. He knows them. He’s (sort of) friends with one. Golf buddies or whatever. And it’s Chance’s father. Here I am trying to keep the Cowboy Sorcerer at arm’s length and be wary and cautious like Dad has always stressed and he’s clapping Mr. Harper on the back and joking with him and practically trying to pair me off with Malfoy. What the fuck? was my first thought. How does Dad keep something like that a secret?

Yeah, he’s talked about “Rhett.” So what. We’ve never met Rhett before and didn’t know he was a sorcerer friend. Chris and I didn’t even know Dad had sorcerer contacts. He’s supposed to be totally blacklisted, but I guess that only counts for “official” Dynasty stuff. Mr. Harper kind of struck me as unconventional, which I guess explains why Chance wanted to help us in the Undercity instead of leaving us to screw up.

Of course, Dad still wants me to be careful. He double stressed it after the Gala. He pointed out (again) that he was an exception and so were Mr. Harper and Malfoy. (Can I pause here and say the weirdness factor of Harper being Malfoy’s last name?) Oh, and Mr. Blackwell.

Okay, seriously world, where did all the good looking older men come from? Brooke’s date (and Jenna’s boss)? Total hawtness. Even without that Irish accent. With that accent, though, I’d drop my panties for him in a heartbeat. Vulgar, but true. If I was Jenna I wouldn’t ever be able to get a damned thing done if he was hanging around. Mr. Blackwell? British accent, blue eyes, all formal. He can park his shoes under my bed anytime. Could if he wasn’t too old for me and didn’t have a gorgeous girlfriend. I think she was his girlfriend. She was gorgeous anyway. I hope I never have to go to the man for help. I’ll be too busy drooling to remember what I needed help with.

Did I mention that I was at the Gala with Harper? As his date? Like officially unofficially his date. No one knew we were there together, because you know, we were there together but … it was nice. I thought it might be weird after our conversation on Saturday. I mean, we’re totally not dating. But we’re also not not dating. Yeah, it sounds better in my head, too, but here we are. We’re taking it slow and not having a fling, but also not getting too serious.

Nope, I don’t have a clue what we’re actually doing, but it’s Harper. The boy man that I’ve been in love with since I was fourteen and he likes me. All this time that I’ve been fretting and worrying (and getting screwed over by the likes of Jesse and no, I’m not talking about that right now) and he’s returned my affection.

(Oh, and he can read minds now. Which is both cool, has me worried about him and I’m sure will be a whole lot of embarrassing before summer is over. Let’s face it, where Harper Donovan is concerned, my thoughts don’t always run to the chaste and pure.)

So today, catching up on sleep and relaxing.

Tomorrow, taking over the world.


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