Nature balances all, and having the ability to assume an animal form is not without its problems and weaknesses. Some weaknesses are limited to those who are werecreatures, but here are the weaknesses experienced by both shifters and weres:

The full moon forces a change upon all shifters whether they wish it or not. This is well known by weres, but also holds true to others. In the case of non-weres, they will typically shift into the last form they shifted into.

Shifters must maintain alertness to retain their shifted form. If they lose consciousness, for any reason, they will revert back to their human form.

Those who turn into animals are sometimes governed by the animal inside. They have a more animalistic nature, and under some circumstances, the animal will react instinctively and fight against the more human desires.

Shapeshift does not bestow upon them any special immortality like that of Vampires. They age and die, just as humans do.1


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