The life of a necromancer is not easy. It's harrowing and can make even the stalwart jump at their own shadow when one never knows if the tap on your shoulder is coming from the living or the dead, or the voice calling you is part of this world or the next. As the natural conduits between worlds, an unlucky necromancer could be constantly haunted by restless spirits seeking favors … or hoping to cause mischief. It's enough to make even the most disciplined of necromancers doubt and second guess themselves.

Insanity is the biggest threat to a necromancer. Without proper training and discipline, and sometimes even with, the hardiest of necromancers can find their minds eroded and slip into madness as it becomes increasingly more and more difficult to tell this world from the realm of the dead.

Many necromancers, particularly those who do not have fine control of their talent, do not know what they are, and lack a support system, are diagnosed with mental illness. They spend their lives on anti-psychotic medications and drugs.1

Those who are "fortunate" enough to not be misdiagnosed often self-medicate with alcohol and stronger, more potent and illegal drugs such as LSD, cocaine, and crack.


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