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//Manhattan - Central Park //

High standing stone walls surround the massive park, broken only for the gates that are situated every several blocks. While the hours to access them are highly restricted, four asphalt roads do cut across the area from east to west.

The remnants of the dense forestry are located in this area as paths lead from the woods to the more entertaining features of the park. Tall statues of famous novel characters are placed just beyond the trees and are surrounded by tiny arch fences.

Separating the trees from the busier points of the park is the lake. Designed for fun during the summer months, a rental hut is attached to a dock. Paddle boats and kayaks are available here, but are stored during the winter.

By far the largest building in the park is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Over one hundred years old, the enormous building houses over four hundred thousand items and is the third largest museum in the world. In comparison to the rest of the park, security is massively heightened here, and for good reason.


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Siobhan Knight Harper Donovan

The warning against coyotes in Central Park has been lifted, but visitors are still encouraged to be cautious when venturing the park near and after dark. It's early yet, so that's not going to be a problem for the pair arriving at the park this warm evening. Jenna is out with 'a friend' and while Siobhan has noted that her friend is being rather avoidy on a name, she didn't press her on it. Yet. However, with Jenna being out, it means that she and Harper get to have the evening to themselves - which she suspects Jenna might have done on purpose. Instead of hanging around her home, or his, they've chosen to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. Or at least just to get out of the house.
The witch is wearing a simple print sundress with sandals, a small handbag large enough for a lipstick, her iPhone, ID, house key and a credit card wallet looped over her left shoulder to fall at her right hip. Her hair is back in a french braid, and there's pep in her step and a silly schoolgirl smile that she can't seem to wipe off her face.
"What's the plan, handsome?"

Harper knows for a fact that Jenna is out with Chance, and that she's spending the night there. He also knows that it's just a 'friendly' thing, so he's not worried about his twin. That she's done it to get a break from the emotions that both he and Siobhan are feeling causes him to chuckle a little. Jenna knows how to block out emotions she doesn't want to feel.
"Who said I had a plan?"
He does steer them toward the rental hut though, figuring that they can go out on the lake and enjoy the sunset in one of the paddle boats.

"Because we both can't be unorganized losers or we'll never get anything done," Siobhan says matter-of-factly, reaching down to slide her hand into his. She follows his lead as they're walking along. She might have asked what the plan was tonight, but honestly, the witch is just happy to spend time with her boyfriend.
My boyfriend Siobhan repeats in her head, and her smile gets a bit wider. There were times she hoped, but times she doubted that she'd ever get to address or think of Harper in that way.

"The plan is that we have no plan," Harper tells her with a grin. "If we had a plan it'd be silly to come to the park." The point of going to the park as far as he's concerned, is that you play it by ear.
"Your boyfriend," he answers verbally, giving her hand a squeeze.
Once they reach the rental hut, he drops his credit card down, renting them a swan-shaped paddle boat.

"I'll do whatever you want," Siobhan responds. She swears her face is going to break if she keeps smiling this much all the time.
She laughs when he rents the swan-shaped boat, but waits until they're out of the shop and walking along the dock to lean in and give him a soft kiss to his cheek. "I like your no plans."

"Whatever I want?" Harper waggles his eyebrows at her, and then gives her a friendly poke in the ribs. "Don't worry, Flutterbee. I'm not going to do anything you don't want to do."
Receiving the soft cheek peck, he chuckles. "I don't think I've ever taken one of these things out. I hope you can swim," he teases. Once they get to the swan boat, he grabs her about the waist to help lower her down into it.
"Sunset on the lake, I think."

"I know you won't." Siobhan is more concerned about her emotions tangling with his and driving him to do something that he might not want to do.
"It'll be an adventure for both us. You know me. I like adventure."
As he lowers her to the boat, Siobhan winds her arms around his neck and holds on for a moment, just standing there, enjoying the feeling of his arms around her. Then she leans up and kisses him lightly. Sweetly. Nothing suggestive or heated.
"That sounds … romantic." Siobhan gives him an almost shy smile and settles onto a bench seat, carefully tucking and arranging the skirt of her sundress around her.

"Don't get used to it. I'm not the romantic type." Winking at her, he waits until she's settled before he grabs the swan's neck to swing the boat around. With the free seat now closest to him, he hops down. The boat bobs for a second, but no water really gets in.
Sitting beside her, he sets his hand to the rudder, his feet to the peddles frees the boat from the knotted loop that's hanging on the side of the dock. Using his feet on the peddles, he backs the boat up and turns them forward again so that they can peddle around the lake.
"You look gorgeous, Flutterbee. I think I forgot to mention that."

Joining him in pedaling, Siobhan gives him a look. "I promise not to get spoiled by one night in a pedal boat on the lake." She wrinkles her nose up at him.
The compliment makes her dip her head, her cheeks warming just a bit. He's complimented her before, but for some reason, the words make her warm and puddly inside. "Thank you."
They pedal quietly for a few minutes, though it's not an awkward, uncomfortable silence. They've known each other more than half their lives, sometimes they just don't need to speak. Even now. Eventually though, Siobhan turns to him. "Chance asked Jenna to the Ball, and I know that you probably already 'know' that," Siobhan doesn't make air quotes, but they can be heard in her voice. "We're going shopping tomorrow for new dresses. I know you're a guy and you're probably going to tell me that you don't care, but I was thinking about doing something different than black or gold. What do you think?"

"Are we going to that?" Harper winks at her, because he knows he's not officially asked her yet. Letting his hand slip from the rudder, he sets it to hers and grins. "Siobhan, would you care to go to the annual mid-summer's ball as my date?"
It's a good reminder that he can't just assume things because she's his girlfriend now. They were both invited, sure, but that doesn't mean he can forget to ask her to go with him.
"No matter what you wear, you'll look amazing."
"Just not salmon."

Siobhan twists her hand and links her fingers through his, grinning. "Yes, we are."
She scrunches her face again, wrinkling her nose. "I have to, even if we weren't going together. For some reason, Regina wants me there. Sort of a Coven coming out, I guess. According to Mom anyway." Siobhan has her doubts. She thinks it has more to do with what happened on the boat on July Fourth, and it being Regina's way of making some sort of statement to the Dynasties regarding Siobhan. Not that the girl has a clue what that statement could be.
"If I didn't know you so well, I'd think you were just trying to butter me up," Siobhan tells him. Then she shakes her head. "No, I made that mistake once and that was enough. Jenna has promised not to let me near the salmon dresses."

"Well at least if you have to, then you can go on my arm. We can take a separate car from our parents." Harper draws his finger slowly up over her arm. "Because we won't be going home after the party. I've got a suite booked for us."
"No pressure. I just figured after a late night, you'd rather not sit in a car with your parents on your way back to Manhattan."
There may be the fact that he wants to spend time with her as well.
"Just let me know what color you decide on, so I can get the right flowers."

The trail of his finger causes little goose bumps to rise on the surface of her skin, but don't create nearly the stir that his words about the suite do. A chill, a very good sort of tingling shiver goes straight from the roots of her hair to her very toes. Sure, Jenna mentioned it in email, but Siobhan wasn't assuming anything until she heard it from her boyfriend directly.
"No, that's … that's a great idea. I like it. I'll pack an overnight bag." Her voice sounds a whole lot steadier than Siobhan feels at the moment. It's anticipation and giddiness; like she told Jenna, it might not be that kind of night, but she's looking forward to spending it with Harper. To waking up next to him.
Moistening her lips, she realizes that she's stopped pedaling and starts up again. "I will tell you the verdict, but you don't get to see it until the night of the Ball. It'll be a surprise."

"You're going for the 'wow' factor," Harper states with a laugh. His finger brushes over her skin again, and he nods. "It's a deal. Surprise me." He knows she'll look fabulous no matter what, so it's not going to be a huge deal if he only gets to know the color.
"I thought you might. A night to just relax and unwind after the party. Then a day to do whatever you want afterward without having to make a brunch appearance."

Should she really be this reactive to a touch? Her skin is warming from the second brush of fingers, and Siobhan keeps pedaling because it stops her from squirming in her seat. Isn't she supposed to be past the whole hormonal teenager reactions?
"I'm going to 'wow' the pants off of you," Siobhan promises with a laugh.
She bounces a little in her seat. She can't help it. "Yes, please. We can sleep in and order room service."

"Well since that's the case, you better be prepared for that when we get to the hotel," he teases with a goofy grin.
Harper laughs as she bounces in the seat, and then leans over to peck her cheek. "We can sleep in, order room service, and a movie if you want to." Beat. "It's a suite, so you can even have your own bed if you prefer, with the door closed, and I won't even wake you up."

Siobhan blinks, then laughs when she realizes what she's said. "I guess I have to live up to that promise now."
"No!" The word comes out louder and sharper than she intends when he mentions her having her own bed. Her face warms and she shifts, this time in embarrassment, realizing that the rejection makes it sound like her primary focus is having sex with Harper. Not that sex with Harper is a terrible idea, not at all but …focus, Siobhan.
"I want to fall asleep with you. Next to you. And wake up next to you."

"So having sex with me isn't a terrible idea, hmm?" Harper is teasing her, simply because he can at this point. She knows he can hear the thoughts, and listening to her talk to herself is adorable.
"We can share a bed, Flutterbee. I just thought that you might prefer to actually get some sleep and not be up all night talking again."

"Omgawd, Harper!" Siobhan swats at him. "We really need to discuss some mind reading etiquette or something. Just because you hear something, you don't have to comment on it." She's blushing a good bit, but she's also a little amused as well. Getting used to him knowing what she's thinking is still and adjustment. It's just a good thing she doesn't have any bad thoughts. Well, negative bad anyway.
"No." Siobhan meets his eyes defiantly. He's chosen to comment, so she's not going to back down in embarrassment. "It's not a terrible idea. I think it's a bloody good idea." She holds up a hand to stop him from commenting. "But I know you want to take things slow, and not turn this into a fling, so no pressure. It just came up, so I'm putting it out there." It's funny, but she's never been this open, honest or frank with any boyfriend before. She wonders if it's the history between them, or the fact that it's Harper, or both.
"If we're sleeping in, it doesn't matter if we're up all night, does it?" Siobhan asks sweetly.

Harper laughs and ducks to the side at the swat. He can't help it. "I know I don't have to comment, but you look so damned cute when you blush, Shiv." Reaching over, he tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.
"No, I don't suppose it's a terrible idea, and we'll get there." Wrapping his arm around her, he grins. "I know there's no pressure. There's also no point in denying that I'm physically attracted to you. I think that little nap we took on the boat is a good indication of that."
"Very true. It doesn't really matter if we're up all night or not."

Siobhan eyes him. "I hope to hell that you're physically attracted to me." It goes without saying that she's physically attracted to him. A lot.
"This - " The witch waves a hand between them, " - really isn't going to work out if there's no root physical attraction. I can buy into that whole personality and being attracted to someone's mind psychology, but let's be for real. Humans are animals, and that gut base reaction has to be 'Yeah, I'd hit that.' "
It's nice, freeing really to be able to be so honest and open with someone. Usually the beginnings of relationships are touch and go, learning the person, not wanting to offend them. Siobhan and Harper already have that base built up. They're just expanding on it.
"A nap?" Siobhan giggles. "Is that what they're calling it now?"

"You're a horrible, ugly troll," Harper teases playfully. "That's why I punched that guy in the face when we were twelve. That's why I kept my eye on you all through high school." That's why he went away to school instead of going to Columbia. He couldn't stand the thought of her being with Jesse the jerk.
"I think it was made perfectly clear exactly how physically attracted to you I am on the Fourth." It pretty much goes without saying.
"Nap is the most polite term I could come up with. But we can call it that. Feel like going for a nap, Flutterbee?" Waggling his eyebrows at her, he takes hold of the rudder again and stears them to the left.

Siobhan shifts, her face softening. Her entire body feels with a happy sort of nostalgic warmth at his words. Harper will feel a wave of gratitude and affection, tinged at the edges with bemusement. "You know you sealed your fate that day. You defended me and told me I was pretty." The witch sets a hand to his leg, almost shyly. "That's when I started to realize that I didn't exactly like you like a brother."
Twelve was a bit young for such revelations, but Siobhan was an early bloomer and like most girls, socially ahead of the curve where boys were concerned.
Squirming again, feeling heat pool in her gut, the witch swallows and bites her lip. Just the memory has her body tingling and her breath hitching. "You did."
His words make her laugh again. "I hardly think that this is the best spot for a nap." Siobhan squeezes his leg where her hand rests. "I'll take a rain check, though."

"You were pretty. His fault for not realizing it." Harper looks down at the hand on his leg, and grins. "You had a crush, and you didn't say anything. If I'd not gone off to talk to you at the roller disco, you probably still wouldn't have said anything."
"You know that's not at all the way to get what you want."
Harper laughs, and then reaches over to run his fingers over her arm. "You've got it, Flutterbee. I honestly don't think this boat is quite big enough for a nap anyhow."

"I was scared," Siobhan admits. "I thought, in the back of my mind that maybe you were just being nice because we were friends. Then later … I figured you weren't interested." Siobhan shrugs. "I didn't want to screw things up or make them weird because of my crush."
Siobhan scrunches her nose. "I really hated all your girlfriends, though. Especially Cynthia." She smiled pretty and played nice, but she didn't always feel it.
She shivers at the touch then leans against him. "You're right, I wouldn't have said a word. I didn't think it was mutual and I didn't want to deal with the rejection." Tilting her head up, she kisses the underside of his jaw. "I'm not the empath here, you know. I'm only human." Mostly.
"I think we should avoid boats for our next nap anyway."

"I get that," he replies. Droping his fingers from her arm, he reaches for her hand to place it in his. Giving it a small squeeze, he smiles at her. "I didn't want to screw things up, or make them weird because you're best friends with my sister."
"Yeah, I've never really been fond of your boyfriends either. Cynthia was a cheating bitch." It took him a while to figure that out. The girl was a genius at masking her emotions.
"You got it. No boats for the next nap."

Siobhan looks down at their hands, a sweet smile playing over her lips. She rubs her thumb along his hand. "I half-way think we should have done this sooner, but on the other hand, it feels like this is just right. That maybe we needed to have all that other crap out of the way to find our way to each other."
It's the sort of corny type of thing one hears in a romantic movie, but it's how she feels. Siobhan feels like she's been waiting forever for Harper, but it also feels like it was well worth the wait.
"I never thought she was good enough for you." Siobhan didn't know about the cheating, not until after Harper broke up with the girl, and by then she was involved with Jesse. It was the one time that Siobhan almost considered taking the chance: going to Harper and telling him how she felt. Except that she didn't want to be the rebound girl and at the time, she didn't think it would be fair to Jesse.
If only she'd known.
"I'm sure the hotel suite will be just fine." Because it does suck that neither of them has their own place.

It is corny, sappy, and romantic movie-esque. So is peddling a swan shaped boat across a lake in Central Park as the sun sets.
"She wasn't." Harper peddles for a while, using the rudder to drift them along.
"I'm sure it will be." He'd go ahead and get his own place here in the city, but it seems silly what with him going back to school in the fall.

They drift along for a while, Siobhan leaning against Harper, her hand tucked into his. It's something she's dreamed about - well, not exactly the swan boat - but just being with him like this. She's going to miss him when he goes back to MIT in the fall. Not that MIT is halfway across the country, but he'll have school work and she'll have dance …
At least that will make the time go by quickly.
But she's not going to dwell on it now. Now? She's going to enjoy this.
The chirping notification from her phone in her purse draws her attention. Siobhan thinks about ignoring it, then realizes it may be something of import. Fishing her phone out, she reads the message, then frowns, pulling a face. With an annoyed, disgusted puff of air, she unlocks the phone via the slide and prepares to delete the message.

No, MIT isn't halfway across the country. A few hours. Which does make it possible to travel by train every other weekend if they want to. Harper's already got plans on getting her a Metro pass when he leaves, so she can come visit him whenever the fancy strikes her.
Harper glances at the message and frowns. He stops paddling the boat along, and shifts his gaze in her direction.
"Is he harassing you, Shiv?"

"Not exactly harrassing." Shiv deletes the message and shoves her phone back in her purse. "More like annoying."
"I told him that I didn't want to get together and talk, that I knew what he did and I was seeing someone now so just to move on." Siobhan blows out a breath. "He seems to have trouble understanding 'go away.' "

"Want me to take care of him for you?" Harper raises his brow, and then reaches out to caress her cheek. "If memory serves, he needs a good punch to the face anyhow."
"If he starts to really bother you, Siobhan, please let me know. I don't want him to hurt you."

Siobhan smiles and laughs. "No, it's not that bad. The occasional text message. He doesn't call anymore because I kept sending the calls right to voice mail."
The witch leans in and kisses him softly. "I promise to tell you if things get worse."

"If you're sure…"
Harper may just take it upon himself to talk to Jesse regardless of what Siobhan says.
"I don't want him cornering you at a club and causing issues. More than that. I don't want him touching you."

"I don't feel threatened by him, really. Just … he's like a mosquito bite. I forget about him until it starts itching again. Annoying but nothing life threatening."
Yes, she did just compare her ex to a bug.
Siobhan strokes her fingers over his leg and presses another kiss to his cheek. "Let's just watch the sunset and forget about Jesse, okay?"

"I'll deal with it," Harper replies. If he's being a pest, a succinct conversation should take care of it. If not, he can resort to punches. He may not be as big as the werewolf, but that doesn't mean he can't fight.
Nodding, Harper exhales his breath in a heavy puff and then rotates them so that they're facing the sunset and floating backward a little.
"Doesn't compare to you."

Siobhan doesn't argue. If Harper wants to talk to Jesse and send him packing once and for all, she's got no problems with it. Truly, she thinks if she talks to him in person, she might be tempted to find somewhere to channel that excess energy other than the rocks she carries in her purse or a pocket nowadays.
"Flatterer," Siobhan murmurs. She grins and leans in to place a kiss on the side of Harper's neck.

"It's not flattery when it's honest."
Harper wraps his arm around her as they watch the sun set, and nuzzles at the side of her neck. "I'm glad you don't have problems with me sending Jesse packing. He needs to stop using people for his pleasure."
He has no problems with Chance doing similar things, because the sorcerer is upfront about it with the women he sees. Jesse just uses them so he's got a nice girl on his arm, and the naughty one between the sheets.

"I don't." Siobhan wants to ask why she should but she really, really, really doesn't want to think about Jesse and that doomed relationship. She's with the man she truly wants to be with now and that's all the matters to her. Fortunately, Harper has a way of touching her that makes it easy to push everything except for him out of her head. Unfortunately, that also includes the sunset and she closes her eyes at the nuzzling, reaching a hand up to stroke through his hair.

"Watch the sunset, Flutterbee."
Harper tickles at her side with one hand, trying to get her to open her eyes. "It's beautiful."

"What if I don't wanna?" Siobhan asks with a faint smile pulling at her lips. Still, she opens her eyes to focus on the sunset, squirming a bit away from the tickling fingers.
She's quiet, just enjoying the slow bobbing of the boat on the water, Harper's warm presence by her side as the sun sinks beneath the horizon. It's almost a perfect evening. Almost, because eventually they'll have to leave one another's presences and go back to their respective homes. It's probably pathetic but she misses him when she's not with him; he's the last thing she thinks about at night and the first thought in the morning.
Yes, she knows she has it bad. But it doesn't seem like it should be any other way.

"The whole point of spending energy getting out to the middle of the lake is so you could enjoy the sunset."
Harper gives her a little squeeze, and presses a kiss to her neck.
"When I come back to the city next summer we can start looking for a place if you want."

"It's really hard to pay attention when you keep doing that," Siobhan sighs. She rests her hand on his leg and squeezes. "That's not permission to stop." She's able to keep her attention on the sunset, and enjoy the demonstration of affection.
Her heart skips at his words and she looks over at him. "Really?"

"Really. You don't think I'm going to ask you to wait for me for the next year, and then not come through, do you?" Harper nuzzles at her neck a little more, and then draws back slightly.
"We can start looking on Spring Break if you like. See what's out there. What we might be able to afford on my internship salary, and what you make at the studio." Next year, he should have his trust fund which will help them as well.

"No," Siobhan answers with a bit of a loosened breath. It's the combination of his affection and his words. Siobhan really hadn't thought that far ahead, and when she did, her mind kept them living at home with their parents until … all right, so she hasn't quite allowed herself to get to the until. Hell, she hadn't even realized he was asking her to wait - not that she didn't intend on doing exactly that - but that's a turn around from their first conversation.
"Spring Break will be fine. Great, even …" Siobhan worries her teeth over her lower lip and locks eyes to his. "What are we doing, Harper? I mean, I know what I'm doing and what I want but … you've gone from casual dating to cohabitation in like thirty seconds flat." Not that she's objecting, she's definitely not objecting but she needs to hear something from him because she's not the empath or the one who hears thoughts.

"By the time we're going to be cohabitating, we'll have been casually dating for nearly a year. I'm just considering the future." Harper shrugs his shoulders, and then glances at her from the side of his eyes. "Besides, don't you think it would be nice to have a place of your own? If you're worried about it, we can get a two bedroom place."
He's quiet for a moment, because he knows he's been all about taking it slow, and now he's offering her something more.
"I want to take things slow right now, Siobhan. Not forever. This is it for me. You're my best friend, and I want you in my life. Period."

"It would be great to have my own - our own - place," Siobhan agrees, the words coming slow because her brain is all over the place. "Two bedrooms would leave us room for a guest room." Because modesty in that particular venue is the least of her concerns. She'd sleep with him every night now if it were at all possible.
The young witch does not shriek or squeal or throw her arms around him. One, because she might capsize the boat, and two, because she might capsize the boat. The emotions are there and Harper will feel them regardless. She squeezes his leg, "Me too."

"Two bedrooms it is then. We may not be in the Upper East Side, but there are a few decent places on the Upper West that aren't bad prices. Close to Columbia and plenty of people our age." Where they could always move 'up' later once they start making a bit more money.
"You've got a year to think about it, Siobhan." She's got a year to change her mind too.
"Good. But, do me a favor? Tell your mother to stop planning the wedding? I've not asked yet." Winking at her, he gently peddles them back in the direction of the sunset.

"Once I'm graduated, I'll be able to make a bit more at the studio," Siobhan says quietly, daring to let herself actually consider the future - with Harper - for the first time since this started. "I was thinking of summer school and a year of grad too, maybe, for some additional teaching credits." Which will increase her salary and make her more marketable. Especially important if they don't stay in the city.
She gives him a look out of the corner of her eye. Does he really think she needs a year to think about it?
Siobhan grins slyly and shrugs. "Maybe. I'd hate to ruin her fun. She never got a wedding, you know?" Siobhan was already a toddler when her father moved here, and they were married in a quiet backyard ceremony at her grandparents. Besides, Siobhan has been planning her own wedding for years. Her plan has always been to gently guide her mother into thinking Siobhan's choices are Dawna's choices.
"I'll try to rein her in a little, but …" Siobhan shrugs. It's no secret that her parents have been waiting - and hoping - for this match for years, even when it looked to be impossible.

"Then do it. You deserve the extra year of schooling." Harper's not going to tell her to drop school and go into teaching full time. She should go to school as long as she wants to.
"Just tell her that it's not going to be in the next month, hmm?" Chuckling, he dips his hand in the water and gently sprinkles it at her. "I hate to rain on her parade, but I don't think we're quite at that stage yet."
Chance pages: Honestly, bro, what is your problem? The barn door is open, the horse is gone.
Long distance to Chance: Harper points to his age. "Marriage at 20?"
Chance pages: Works for some people. But I didn't tell you to elope with her. Just call it what it is.

"Of course it's not going to be the next month," Siobhan laughs. She nudges him. "A decent wedding takes a good four to six months to plan. Plus, you know how fussy I am about clothing. It'll take me twice that or longer to find a decent dress." She's teasing him now, and she giggles when he sprinkles the water at her. Knowing where his head really is in all of this, and knowing that the slowness isn't a forever thing, has loosened something inside of her.
The witch dips her hand and returns the sprinkling in his direction. "No, we're not at that stage yet."

"Besides, I'd really like to wait until after our twenty-first birthdays. At least six months. What season were you thinking?" Harper is wholly teasing now. He knows that the discussion is a long way off, but he's curious as to what she's thinking, without delving into her brain to pull it out.
Sprinkling her with water again, he winks. "So you're thinking at least twenty months from now? I can swing that."

"Well, I am not going to be a June bride." Siobhan squares her shoulders, saying it with a tone that implies it's beneath her and she deserves to be unique and different. "Not in the high heat of July or August either. Fall weddings can be very pretty, and so can early spring." Siobhan was not lyinb when she said she's been planning her wedding for years. All she needs is to add groom and stir. "I considered Halloween briefly, you know for Samhain and all, but I like my future bridesmaids too much to put them in orange and black dresses." Dawna would absolutely pitch a fit too if Siobhan tried to propose black for her wedding.
Rolling her eyes, she nudges him, "I'm not that indecisive and picky!" Except … she is.

"No," Harper comments. "Too many people get married in the summer. If you want something a tad more unique Spring or Fall." Not that he knows about this, but he's attended enough Upper East Side weddings to know that everyone has summer weddings at the Plaza.
"You can use other colors besides orange or black for the Fall too. Reds, yellows. The colors the leaves turn in the park in the fall. You'd need lighter colors for the spring. So it depends what you're going for."
"Twenty months from now."

Siobhan can agree with that assessment. That is why she refuses to be a summer bride. It's amusing that they're talking about this, and she knows it's not that serious talk yet. "The orange and black would be for Halloween, but I'm not that cruel," she laughs.
"That's spring," Siobhan points out. "I was thinking of rose and champagne, but if it were spring, I could always choose a softer variant of red that isn't pink. Coral, maybe." Beat. "Or stick with rose because it's my day and I'm allowed to be contrary."

"You're allowed to be whatever you want on your wedding day, Siobhan, except that you're not allowed to be sad." No, they're not talking about it seriously. He'll, they've only been officially dating for a week. It's not as though he's down on one knee proposing to her.
"I'm not good with colors. It's all red to me."

"But I am allowed to cry." Beat. "Except that will totally ruin my makeup so … no crying."
"But I am a witch, so I can make myself look good even if my mascara is running," Siobhan giggles and bites her lip.
"That's because you're male. You don't get colors or shoes. I've come to accept that defect as part of the male makeup." She leans in and pecks him lightly with the teasing.

"Happy tears only."
"Damned good thing I'm male too, or I'd have to be asking you a few questions," Harper winks at her. "Come on, let's go back to the dock, and I'll buy you a candy apple."

Siobhan has no arguments with that suggestion. The sun is nearly all the way set, the sky a deep purple and blue, and she's in a very good mood as they dock the boat, and while she waits for Harper to get his deposit back. When he finally rejoins her, the witch gives him an impish smile. That's right before she launches herself into his arms, drawing him down for a long, delving kiss.
Because she can and because she's been wanting to do so all night.

Harper barely has time to catch her when she launches at him. Both arms wrap about her waist, and he hoists her off the ground as he kisses her in return.
"Someone's in a good mood," he quietly replies with a dumbfounded grin on his face.

Siobhan likes the look on his face, and the fact that she's put it there. She licks her lips and nods her head. "I am. I'm having a good night."
"And I just really wanted to kiss you."

Harper takes her hand and begins to lead her away from the dock. He's quiet as he walks. Trying to find the candy apple vendor. Once he locates one, he motions for her to make her selection; original candy apple, or caramel.
"Why don't we get a carriage ride around the park while you snack on that?"

"I like being your girlfriend," Siobhan beams at Harper as she manages to delicate lick off a patch of candy coating from the apple. "You spoil me."
She chases the sweetness from her lips with her tongue and smiles at him. "I'd love a carriage ride."

"I'm not spoiling you," Harper points out. "We're on an impromptu, go with the flow date. You've never been on one?" He wanders to the nearest carriage and offers the driver some money. Beckoning to Siobhan, he winks.
"Your carriage awaits, madame."

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