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by Jenna Donovan
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This has been a long time coming. I mean, it's taken me a week to figure out exacly how and what to write, and a lot of confusion in between, and I guess I better just start on last Friday.

The Party

So, last Friday at work I seated this British celebutante; Amber Bardot. She was nice, and flattered by the fact that I knew who she was. She was throwing this party at the Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel and invited me to come after work. Quin was working, but everyone else came.

Of course, Shiv and Harper paired up and left me to mingle. Which I did, but I wound up hanging with Chance most of the night anyhow. Not that I'm complaining, because Chance is really fun to hang with. He's flirty, and even when he's being an equal-opportunity flirt, he always makes me feel like I'm the center of his attention.

He's definitely good for my ego.

Anyhow, I really should've realized what was going on before I said or did anything stupid, but I forget that when I'm around a whole lot of drunk people that even just the tiniest drink will make me incredibly drunk. It's the abundance of what they're feeling too. Sort've like a contact high, I guess. It happened a few times at high school parties, and I generally only drink water since then. But long story short?

I kissed Chance.

It sucks because I'm totally awkward at kissing. I've not dated as much as everyone else has, so Chance was like… my third or fourth kiss. I think I caught him offguard or whatever. I told him I liked him. He told me that he's not into anything serious, and I mean, I do get that. I don't know if I'm ready for a hot and heavy relationship either.

At one point, Shiv and Harper disappeared. I don't know where they got off to. I'm just happy that they're happy with each other.

Chance was nice enough to ensure I got home safely. I thought that would be it after our talk. But then he went and confused me more by kissing me goodnight. It was soft, and sweet. Afterward, I remember bringing my fingers to my lips. Trying to lock it to memory.

I went to bed dreaming of that kiss.

Which brings me to…

Cooking Lessons

Monday was my cooking lesson with Quin. I don't know if he really meant to be helpful despite my telling him I really suck in the kitchen, or if it was meant to be a date. I kind've got the feeling that it was both. Because…

While we were chopping things for the sauce, he asked if he could kiss me. I've never had a boy ask me that before. The kiss was nice, and he pushed all his emotions at me. But, I'm a klutz. I got flustered and wound up knocking the pasta sauce all over me and the floor. Which only made me more flustered and upset, and I wound up throwing half-cooked spaghetti at Quin.

Well that part was kind've fun and silly, and it made my klutzy kitchen bonanza feel almost normal.

But! This is me we're talking about. So things couldn't just stay nice and almost normal. Nope. Not in Jenna-World. I disappeared to have a shower to get the sauce out of my hair. Can I just say that mushrooms are definitely not my best look?

I left my sauce covered clothes in the tub, and I was supposed to wrap up in a towel and toss on some clothes of Quin's while mine were cleaning. Except… I went into the wrong room, and Chance walked in on me in a towel. So I panicked, which made things awkward. Chance lent me some bimbo's track suit. I didn't even ask who it belonged to. Not my business anyway. I'm going to return it to him once I get it washed.

The Fourth

Let me just say that I really tried to get out of going on Chance's boat on the Fourth. I really, really did. I was almost convinced that Shiv wouldn't go because Chance's cousins invited themsleves along.

Only, she didn't not go. So I didn't have a good reason to bail.

I kind've wish that I had bailed, to be honest. Not because I don't love hangng out with my friends, but the beginning of the day was such a mess. Only one of Chance's cousin's showed.


But from here on out, I'm referring to him as Jackass.

I mean, he wasn't just a jerk to Shiv (which I would've expected because of the whole witch/sorcerer thing), but to all of us. Even though I tried to be friendly and make him feel comfortable, he did everything in his power to make us feel beneath him.

Also? He's the worst spellcaster in the entire world, because he knocked me overboard. He ruined my dress. Ruined my hair. I quite likely could've drowned if Quin didn't jump in after me, and someone didn't toss life jackets and preserves down to us. As it is, I think Quin nearly killed himself helping me get back on the boat, because once he got on the boat? He literally fell asleep for most of the day. He was crashed. Hard.

Well, he crashed hard after I stripped down to my underthings and yelled at Jackass. And, uhm… well… something weird happened. I don't know if it was residual magic or what, but I was thinking of Jackass getting completely soaking wet as payback, and the whole boat got doused in water. Shiv and Chance said it wasn't magical, but I don't know. I mean, what else could it be? Harper and I don't have that kind of power.

Once we left the dock, Shiv and Harper were all over each other. Not that I care that they were. I'm happy for them. I really am. The problem is that, well, I could… uhm… well… feel what they were feeling. It was weird, because I've never felt that before. I mean not that I've never been that turned on or raring to go, but it's different when I'm feeling it from both sides of the equation I guess. Weird too, because one of those people was my brother.

Chance helped with a privacy spell.

He also told me I had a pretty smile. He noticed my smile! It's a silly thing to mention, but I like that he noticed it.

He also taught me how to drive the boat. We went slow, because Quin was sleeping on the deck, and Harper and Shiv were down below in the sleeper cabin and we didn't want to jostle anyone but it was still fun.

We all watched fireworks by the Statue of Liberty after going to the club and swimming for part of the afternoon.

The Diner

Saturday, Quintin invited me for brunch. I think he thought I wouldn't come. I don't know why he'd think that. I guess it's because I ran out on him after the cooking lesson? I know I shouldn't have done that but I was just really embarrassed and I needed to get out of there to clear my head.

We had a really good conversation. I… told him that I kissed Chance. I think he was a bit disappointed in that. I know he really likes me, and I do like him too.

But that's the problem. I like both of them. I can't help being attracted to them. I told him that I wasn't ready for a relationship. Dating is fine. I don't mind dating him and Chance, but I so don't want to come between them. Besides, I think Quintin wants a relationship… and I know that Chance doesn't.

That's not all though.

Quintin told me that he's a werewolf. He was afraid to tell me. Afraid of how I might react. But, you know? My best friend is a witch. I can feel other people's emotions. My brother can hear thoughts. I don't know why he was so worried that I'd think he was a freak.

I mean, sure, he changes into a hairy wolf once a month. But I'm not exactly Little Miss Sunshine for several days out of the month myself.

He's still Quintin. This is just another facet of who he is.

I did promise him that no matter what happens while we see where things go, that we're going to stay friends. Because first and foremost, he's my friend. He's a friend that I'm attracted to, but he's my friend. I'm not going to lose that if I can help it.

I think we both feel a lot better getting everything out in the open like that. I know I do. I hope he does too.


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