Movie Night!

by Jenna Donovan
29 Jun 2012 15:57 (updated 29 Jun 2012 15:57) | 0 comment(s)

All I have to say is awesome night. Totally awesome. Not everyone got to go (i.e. I was there with Chance all by myself), but it was still a perfect non-date.

No pressure.

Except for my outfit, omg.

I had a perfectly casual outfit planned for a group outing, but when I realized I'd be alone with Chance, I had to ramp it up a bit. Still casual and cute, but slightly more on the flirty side. I went from pretty pink jean shorts and a halter top to wearing a white dress, black cowboy boots and a black denim vest. From soft tiny rosette earrings to hoops. From no makeup to just a hint that would draw out my best facial features.

All of that? The new outfit, the makeup, the ponytail? Took up a good part of my afternoon with Shiv. We were watching movies too, but I needed the perfect outfit.

I pulled a quick shift at work for Candace. She had an appointment to go to, so it was basically just covering her for a few hours, but those few hours mean extra money for me which is good. I'm putting all my earnings away while I still live at home so that I've got a nice nest egg or deposit for my own place eventually.

After that though, I was off to meet Chance at the theater. Not only did he show up perfectly on time, he was the perfect gentleman throughout the night. There was a lot of silly laughter before the movie while we were getting snacks (soda, popcorn, peanut M&Ms, and Junior Mints) and while we found some decent seats.

There was a bit of awkwardness when we both reached for popcorn at the same time and wound up holding hands for a few seconds. He alleviated it by pretending to bite me, which was good but… it was at a really quiet part of the movie and my giggle tends to carry. It got us a loud "SHUSH" from a large woman (who I'm guessing was a nanny or something) that was there with a set of triplets and looking annoyed at being there in general. Then I threw popcorn at him and there was more giggling and laughing for another minute. Miss Shusher didn't get up to tattle on us so I'm guessing she realized those triplets were making more noise.

After he made sure I got home safely, I gave him a friendly little peck on the cheek and went inside to bed.

As for the movie?

It was awesome. I mean, Pixar movies are always pretty awesome if you ask me, but I liked that the story wasn't about some weakling princess who was a constant damsel in distress. It was about a very stubborn and willful princess, who knew who and what she wanted to be, and did what she had to to survive. It dealt with family issues that most every teen girl I've ever known has gone through with her own mother; the growing pains of it all and everything.

Okay, maybe without the arranged marriage part but the tension between mother and daughter can be very intense sometimes.

It still had a happy ending. Very few movies designed for a younger audience don't have happy endings.

It's funny, because Merida reminds me a little of Siobhan.


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