by Jenna Donovan
25 Jun 2012 23:46 (updated 25 Jun 2012 23:48) | 0 comment(s)

Picnic + Roller Disco + Coney Island Amusement Park = A pretty damned awesome Saturday!

There was a lot of weirdness and tension at first between all of us. I mean, trying to feel everyone out and get comfortable. It's not like we all know each other all that well 'cept for Shiv, Harper, and me. But that's not fair since we practically grew up together.

When we finally all chilled out at the rink, we had a lot of fun.

Okay, I totally had a lot of fun. Chance and Quintin are both pretty awesome at dancing on skates, and between being lifted, twirled, and dipped, I can't remember a more enjoyable time at roller disco. There was a bit of weirdness between Shiv and Harper, but when they finished talking they both seemed in better spirits, so that was awesome.

And I'm happy to report that no one harfed on me after chili cheese fries.

I had to work on Sunday, a full twelve and a half hour shift, but I don't mind. I got to take Saturday off. Sundays aren't as busy as a Saturday night, so it was a nice day at work. I switched weekends with Miranda, so I worked her weekend this past one.

But even working last Sunday couldn't kill the absolute good mood I had from the day before. I'm glad Chance caught a few things on video, because it was a pretty memorable day. Then, daddy had gotten us tickets to the Shakespeare in the Park Gala…

… and Chance was there too. Apparently my parents know his father. So do Shiv's parents. I have never been so happy to see another person my age there. It meant I didn't wind up dancing with Harper all night, which is a good thing because Shiv pretty much glued herself to his side. So we danced and chatted for a bit, and it was over all a good night.

I got to meet Meryl Streep! I think that had to've been the highlight of the evening. Well that, and the dancing. I've got a picture of it stuck in my mirror right now.

Then today, when everyone else was out at lunch or being lectured by their coaches, I took a walk down 5th Ave to kill some time. Window shopping. I blew my shopping budget on shoes earlier this month, and mother would kill me if I bought anything else without her 'okay' before I picked it up.

Anyway before I start gushing over this amazing Vera Wang I saw on my walk this afternoon, when I got back there was a parcel waiting for me.

It was brought over by a delivery company, and there was no signature with it. Just the following note:

Thanks for the promised fun.
I request the next dance.

I have no clue who it's from. Chance? Quintin? I mean, considering what was inside, I guess I'm leaning toward it being Chance who sent it because he's the only one I told about the roses thing, and after our DM's earlier the dance comment makes sense.

Either way, it's quite lovely. I took a picture of it before I set it beside the mirror on my vanity.

Here it is:



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