Telepathic Twin

by Jenna Donovan
12 Jun 2012 20:23 (updated 12 Jun 2012 20:24) | 0 comment(s)

"I'm not wearing pink sequins," Harper announces as I walk into his room. I have to blink at him because I know I didn't verbalize the thought. The only time it came out was in an email to Siobhan that I wrote earlier in the day.

I look at him, trying to figure out all the ways he's changed in the almost year we've spent apart while he's been away at school. He's more broody, and a lot quieter. Which is saying something, 'cuz he's always been pretty quiet really. Out of the two of us, I was the chatterbox and he sort've just got dragged along for the ride. Right now, he's laying on his bed reading the latest issue of Popular Mechanics, and beside him are the last few issues of Popular Science.

"I didn't say a word about pink sequins."

"You were thinking it earlier. An image. Me in pink sequins, floundering on roller blades. Skates. They were definitely the four wheeled, old fashioned variety."

I stare at him, wondering how in the world he knew what I was thinking. Our powers had always developed at the same time, but it sounded like his got a boost when he was away. For some reason that irked me. Not that I wanted to know what was going on in people's heads. Frankly, I'd be happiest if I didn't hear anything at all. Emotions were enough for me. I'd likely break down and go crazy if I heard every thought that everyone was thinking.

"You've got to admit it'd be amusing. C'mon, it's not a date thing or anything. We're just going to a Coney Island roller disco to kill an afternoon. I've not had a whole lot of time to hang out with you since you've been home. Unlike some people, I don't get the summer off. I've got classes, and work, and the one night I did go out with Shiv, you completely bailed because you didn't want to go to the club." Dropping onto the bed next to him, I flip the page he's reading and then nudge him with my shoulder.

"Jen, I'm not going to distract Shiv just so you can make moony eyes at some guy you both like."

"Ohmigawd, Harper. I didn't even think that. Really, it's just a fun group thing. If you don't want to go, that's fine but you don't have to be a dick." It takes a lot to make me really angry, but my brother is definitely pushing all the right buttons right now. "Since when did you start reading minds anyhow? Does mother know about this yet?"

Harper ignores me for a few seconds, actually focusing on the page I flipped to. "About a month ago, in the middle of class. I could hear every answer for the test, the professor was thinking them out loud."

"Please tell me you didn't cheat."

"Fine. I didn't cheat. Happy now? I'm still not wearing pink sequins."

I roll my eyes at him and nudge his shoulder again. "You have to tell mother. I know she can't read our minds, and I'm pretty sure she can't read her patients like that, but uhm… she might be able to help you block it out. Remember with the emotions? Maybe you won't hear things that aren't thought at you if you work at it."

"Yeah, maybe."

We both fall into silence, reading his magazine. I'm not really interested in it, but I've missed my twin. I hate that he's at MIT and I'm here at Tisch and we don't have a whole lot of time to visit one another on weekends. In the past eight months, I've only really seen him at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We didn't even have the same week off for Spring Break.

"Harper, have you read Shiv since you've been home?"

He exhales loudly and drops the magazine. "Yeah." Beat. "She thinks loudly. But I knew before that, you know that, right? I just…"

"Is she not good enough for you or something?"

I get a glare for that one. Harper rubs his hand over his face and laughs. "No, Jen. That's not it at all. I like her, but I'm not ready for something serious, and I don't want to wind up hurting her. Plus, if I date her it's going to screw up the friendship between the three of us."


That's not the most intelligent response I could've given him but it's the one that came tumbling out before I could stop it.


"Uhm…" Now things are a bit awkward, because Harper is actually looking out for Shiv. He cares about her, but I'm not sure in what way yet. "… just think about the roller disco? I promise, no pink sequins. We're doing red, black, and whites as our colors. I'm pretty sure you've got something in your wardrobe that'll work."

Harper nods, and picks his magazine back up. I lean over and give him a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you at dinner. Mother's going to be home so that means a dress code at the table. Don't forget."

Rolling off the bed, I head back out of his room, wondering if I should tell Shiv of his new found abilities or of the fact that he actually does care for her.

I decide against both.

If Harper wants her to know, he'll tell her when he sees her again.


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