Crossover Portal

There comes a time when a restless spirit will have fulfilled whatever emotion, need or quest that is keeping them bound to this earth. When that happens, the ghost's Crossover Portal immediately appears somewhere close by and easily visible. To the ghost, the Portal takes on different appearances depending on the expectation of the ghost (or lack of expectation.) To some it appears as a a regular door, but backlit with bright white, brilliant blue light or a combination of both. To others, it appears as a shining portal leading to a favorite place, be it physical or temporal. And still to others, it may simply appear as a tunnel with a bright light at the far end.

Necromancers are able to see the Portal as well, and very rarely, other supernaturals may catch a glimpse of it as a glowing light or doorway.

The ghost will be drawn to the Portal, and will have a feeling of relief and familiarity, indicating that this is truly their Portal. However, it is not required that the ghost venture through to the next step of their existence (or the end of their existence depending on what religious school one subscribes to). The Portal will have a pull over them, and it takes a strong will to resist its draw. Additionally, if a ghost does not crossover, there is no guarantee of when, or even if, another Portal will appear.

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