Ghosts can come and go as they please, be it to watch over their loved ones, or just see the world. They can cross a city in a matter of seconds, to appear elsewhere. Their teleportation is not an exact science. They can generally only teleport to places they are aware of from the time of their demise. If a ghost was alive in the 1700s, chances are they will not be able to teleport directly to the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building.

Fashionable Fun

Ghosts possess the ability to change their appearance at will — at least in so far as clothing goes. Therefore it can make it difficult for a necromancer to know from what period in time the ghost met their demise based solely on appearance. Ghosts who are trying to fit in with the current time period will often adopt and mimic the fashions they see on the streets. Those who are more or less 'lost' souls, or wanting to relive their pasts will more commonly be dressed in common attire of the time when they died.


Possession is an extremely advanced maneuver and cannot be done by just any ghost. This ability is not available to recent ghosts1. Possession of another living being requires a magical artifact from the afterlife, a great deal of practice, and used only with a great deal of caution. Should a ghost manage to possess a supernatural being, the ghost will have access to the racial powers that being has access to — but only at that person's level. A ghost in possession of a living host has no access to their own powers through the host, unless the host also has that ability.2


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