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9842by Dancing QueenDancing Queen
15 Oct 2012 18:06Jump!
Deleted forum discussions should go here.
Annoucements & Information
Everything from server status, game status and an update on all IC happenings and events.
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All things technical from maintenance to server status.
12by Br0adwayBr0adway
19 Jun 2012 20:18Jump!
If it needs to be said or repeated, you'll find it here.
Come, introduce yourself and your alts ... if you so desire.
On the Grid
All IC and Grid Information
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Movies in the park, movie shoots, charity balls and night club parties. All those IC things and more found here.
33by Br0adwayBr0adway
08 Jul 2012 14:09Jump!
For everything that happens off-screen. It's canon, but you didn't RP it and don't want to blog it. Put it here.
11by Dancing QueenDancing Queen
30 Jul 2012 19:23Jump!
"Did you hear about . . ." All the IC rumors and interesting things that happen.
Have a plot running and want others involved? Want to start a plot? Talk about it here.
Got a website for your character? An external blog? A tumblr? Here's the place to share.
11by Dancing QueenDancing Queen
10 Jul 2012 11:47Jump!
Help & Support
Problems, questions, and technical support.
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Found a problem on the site or a bug on the grid? Let us know.
Need some guidance or help with something? Have a question about the game that isn't answered on site? Ask it here
Off the Grid
For all those things that take place off the grid and OOC
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Anything and everything goes.
Advertise games, sites, and other stuff here.

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