How to Sell Your Soul to the Devil

From Strange Truths (p.11)

Looking for power? Wealth? An attractive mate? You can get anything you've ever virtually dreamed of, by selling your soul to Satan!

But how do you go about doing this? Well first, you must know what you're doing when you make a deal with the devil, or Satan will gladly cheat you blind. That's the word from Dr. Tex Routh, expert on satanic rituals and author of How to Negotiate Unholy Contracts with Demons.

Dr. Routh cites cases dating all the way back to the 14th century in which humans have agreed to spend eternity in Hell when they die in exchange for earthly pleasures while they are alive.

"History and literature are teeming over with stories like that of Dr. Faustus who sold his soul," says Dr. Routh. "Our own American statesman Daniel Webster once debated Satan in a landmark soul-selling case in which he renegotiated the contract and had it overturned. Thousands have gained riches and fulfilled their fantasies!"

Here are some tips from Dr. Routh on how you can take advantage of the same opportunity:

#1. SET THE DEAL UP PROPERLY. There's a right and wrong way to make contact with the Devil. The right way is to be alone in your room, close your eyes and say, "Satan, I summon you. I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right." It may take dozens, even hundreds of tries but at all costs, avoid sounding desperate or needy. He'll show up eventually.

#2. DEAL FROM A POSITION OF POWER. By far the biggest mistake people make is to underestimate how badly Satan needs their soul. It's precious to him and he'll pay anything to get it. When he appears, get him to make the first offer, then up it.

#3. GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Remember, you're going to burn in Hell forever. So no matter how badly off you are, demand the best. For instance, even if you feel unlovable and desperate with loneliness, don't just say that you want the most gorgeous mate on earth and you want them madly in love with you. Instead, add, "In fact, throw in at least a hundred other women, so I can pick and choose according to my mood."

#4. REMEMBER TO DEMAND THE LIFE-EXTENSION CLAUSE. Satan won't tell you, but you can get a guarantee of three hundred years of youthful life before you go to eternal damnation. Why enjoy a mere 75 or 80 years of reckless living when you can get 300?

Religious groups worldwide are trying to ban Dr. Routh's book. "This kind of trash is spiritual dynamite," says a spokesman for the North American Council of Churches and Synagogues. "We can't, in good conscience, let people read how to destroy their almighty souls."

But Dr. Routh says we should all be aware of the facts so we can make an informed decision. "It is your soul," he says. "Do what you want with it."

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