Wealthy Socialite Murdered

A wealthy socialite's parties are being investigated today for a clue to her death.
The body of Victoria Howe, 60-year-old divorcee, was found yesterday in her condo, overlooking Central Park. Howe was clad only in a robe when she was found, and police believe she had been dead since Friday night.

Her maid, June Redmond, found the body. She told police that Howe entertained frequently and invited plenty of people over during the last few months. "It wasn't unlike Miss Howe to entertain. She had quite a flair for both attending and throwing lavish soirees."

Redmond later went on to say that Howe mentioned being threatened at a party several months ago. "She mentioned two men that she'd met in an upscale bar, whom she invited to one of her parties. Things got out of hand, and rather than cause a scene she requested that the two men leave. They refused, and one threatened her life."

Detective Ryan Mulcahey said that they did not yet have enough evidence to prove that the incident was connected with Howe's death.

Howe's throat looked as though it had been slashed with a butcher knife, and as though an animal took a chunk out of it. The knife has yet to be found.

Three empty wine glasses were found beside the body. There were signs of a struggle, but the supposed murderer did not break into the apartment.

"While we did find signs of a struggle," Det. Mulcahey said, "There's no evidence to support that this was a robbery gone wrong. No locks on either doors or windows were broken, nothing was off its hinges. It is apparent to us that Howe knew her attacker."

The wine glasses were the only tangible clue to the crime, but Howe's maid unwittingly and inadvertently washed them before police arrived.

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