Mugging Stopped

A snatch and grab purse robbery was foiled today on the streets of Upper Manhattan. Delores Hicklebee, 75, was walking to the store for groceries when she became the victim of the crime. "He just took off so fast," Hicklebee, an Upper Manhattan resident, commented. "He just ran into me and kept going. I tried to hold onto my purse but I just couldn't do it."

"My life is in that purse. My money, my medication, everything." Hicklebee continued to explain the seriousness of the crime, and recount the events.

All was not lost for the victim as a passer-by also noticed the scene unfold. "It was that good looking young fellow that I had seen out jogging. He's really fast. I didn't even see him until he rushed past me and after that lowlife that stole my purse."

Police officials are still trying to piece together what actually happened during the chase. Eye witnesses are being interviewed as well as the perpetrator. The young man in question has not yet been identified and left the scene before police arrived.

"By time I got there, that jerk was crumpled up and on the ground. My purse was placed on top of him. I didn't even get to thank that wonderful young man."

When asked if she had any words she'd like to pass on to her hero, Hicklebee only had this to say: "I want to bake him a big plate of brownies."

If you or someone you know has any information about this crime, please contact local police.

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