Giant Alligator in Uptown Sewers

Strange Truths (p.4)

A long heard tale tells of alligators living beneath the streets of New York City. These stories have circulated since the 1930's when a number of alligators were seen swimming in the Bronx River.

For decades, stories of these beasts have prevailed. But are there alligators in the sewers?

Several sightings answer that with a resounding yes. Sewer worker Wheaton Rogers refused to believe reports at first. "I says to myself, them other guys must've been drinkin'. There ain't no 'gators in the sewers, and I've been workin' this job neigh on forty years." Rogers ignored reports, and wouldn't submit them, until he himself examined the locations his co-workers spotted in the sewers. "I told'em that I'd go down and prove to those guys that there weren't nothin' to be worryin' about."

That's when Rogers had a change of heart. He saw a number of alligators himself, most not over two feet in length. "The biggest was down by the East 123rd Street line. Must've been 'bout seven or eight feet, maybe more. I weren't about to measure'em. Damned thing snapped at me. Took my arm clean off."

Rogers said that wasn't the worst of it.

"I skedaddled out of there as fast as I could. Got to the junction, and the damned 'gator was breathing fire on my behind. I got the burn marks to prove it."

« Picture posted of armless man with burns on his backside. »

The appearance of a burned corpse in the sewage tunnels below the subway just substantiates Rogers' claim that a fire breathing alligator is living beneath the city. In an attempt to cover it up, police quickly closed off the scene, and issued the standard, "Nothing to see here."

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