Broadway Starlet Slain

Police are investigating the mysterious death of a woman found bleeding in the alleyway behind the Helen Hayes theater late Thursday night.

Theater goers who were waiting around for autographs after the production were the first to notice Mandy Lockhart stumbling around the alley and presumed her to be drunk. When she collapsed near a side entrance, passersby called for help.

Security and police arrived shortly thereafter, and noticed that the 22-year-old actress was bleeding profusely from her neck. Paramedics attempted to stop the bleeding, but to no avail. Lockhart was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:45 p.m.

Investigators believe that Lockhart was attacked as she came out the stage doors once the production was over.

Her boyfriend, 25-year-old Toby Maclaren, said he was supposed to pick her up from the show that evening, but declined. "I called during intermission and told her we had gotten invited to a new club opening. She was going to hop in a cab and meet me there," he said. "I just don't understand how this could have happened to her."

Police are currently requesting any pictures or video that were captured on cellular phones at the scene that were not already confiscated by officers be brought to the NYPD for processing.

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