Jersey Devil in Central Park

From Strange Truths (p.4)

The Jersey Devil has been accused of bullying in Central Park: Steals woman's lunch!
Anti-bullying messages became especially pertinent today after a local woman was terrorized by a beast normally found west of the city in New Jersey.
Maxine P. Outlaw was trying to enjoy a nice lunch by one of the lakes found in Central Park, when she was accosted by the creature known to all as the Jersey Devil.
The beast taunted the woman for several minutes before holding her upside down with one hand while taking money out of her purse with the other. It then proceeded to steal Outlaw's lunch before flying into the nearby wooded area.
"I didn't see it coming," said Outlaw. "He just swooped in and stole my lunch. I don't think it's coyotes attacking people in this park! The Jersey Devil's taking a vacation here, and he hates people coming into the area of his vacation home."
"I want justice," she continued. "I shouldn't have to be worried in the park. I want bullies like the Jersey Devil to know that it's not okay to scare people like that."

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