Coyotes Spotted in Central Park

Earlier last week, several coyotes were spotted near the pond in Central Park. Experts say that coyote sightings in cities are not uncommon and that it's going to increase in frequency as they fight one another for living space. Green spaces like parks and college campuses provide a food source for the dogs, like small rabbits.

Police are asking that people use caution, and that they do not approach the animals. "These are not domesticated dogs," Detective McAllister said. "Proceed with caution, and use the park after sunset only if necessary."

McAllister went on to say, "Several young women have been attacked over the last several weeks, left severely injured in the park. We believe this to be the coyotes lashing out at what they consider an intrusion on their territory." Urban dog squads are currently combing Central Park trying to safely capture the coyotes so that they can be relocated to a more natural woodland.

"If anyone sees these creatures, we ask that you contact the NYPD, or call 9-1-1 immediately."

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