20120510 - Return Home

It's good to be home, here among family and friends who I missed while I was serving my country. I managed to get all my Financial records pushed through at NYU, and am ready for the fall semester.

I often find myself wondering about my state of mind, I scrutenize every box, and when I go out for a drive, I look under the car sometimes, In Osaka it wasnt as bad, mostly because there were others who did the same, but I see how people take in the sight of a well built man being causious, maybe they think I'm a mobster, or just crazy. Well, I don;t do crime, period, and as for being crazy, if I sighned up for another volenary tour of duty in iraq, THEN i would be crazy.

Imagine everything there out to get you, a dead dog in the road, laced with explosives, some guy selling crap on the corner, could pull a magnum out and blow your head off, start up your vehicle, and you are burnt to ashes, I may have faced all this with a grain of salt and a good additude, but i was scared for my life every minute.

I was the head of my Fire team, mostly we did patrols and deliveries across dangerous terrain, even the windstorms and dust twisters had it out for us sometimes. There was one instance I remember, It's a haunting occurance that to this day i can;t get out of my head.

~A long desert road is pictured in his mind, four men in full battle gear are in a humvee, driving a shipment of food to where it needs to go, and then a dead dog in the road has wires sticking out of it. They stop the hummer and jump out, Dex taking flank to watch their tails as the heat beasts down, before a shout in the native tounge of the area is heard, and guns start to fire at them. Taking a defensive position, Dex fires into the group of about six insurgents, fear, and yet, a willingness to live, to get his men, entrusted to him by his Platoon commander to safty. "Allen.. I'm hit!" A private says, grabbing his leg.

Forgoing safty, Dex crawls out and drags the commrade back and under the moving vehicle. Before the sound of a grenade going off has him look in the firection of their driver. "Mich.." he says as he rolls from under the vehicle, and begins to fire at the insurgents, Their driver pulls the private into the hummer as Insurgents fall with each burst from dex's rifle. Stopping to pull the man back to the hummer, fireing only to surpess, one he gets his fellow marine into the hummer…

"You will die for Allah!" is herd as a man comes running at him with a loaded AK-47, dex doesn't think, he fires, a full clip into the man, and he is still comming at them. "Son of a… Crawford, get this hummer started NOW!" he says as he takes out a boot knife, they cant get turned around before the man would shoot at them, so he rushes the man, tackling him to the ground and killing him, so close to death, the only look he sees is the man he killed, so close, the man accepted death, and was defiant to the marine until his last breath…~

I thought i was over it, I thought if I put it in the back of my head, maybe I wouldent have t oworry about it, but no, meeting a woman named Moira, who runs an occult shop in chinatown has me remeber that, i don;t know why, but she gave me a tarrot reading, and was able to lay me bare, she knows who I am, maybe not in the fashion of 'friends' but she KNOWS me. Funny thing is, I stil lwant to work for her, she is a looker, and when she smiles, wow.

So I have decided to help Abby work on a play, I figure it will give us much needed bonding time, since I have been gone and she is the closest thing to a sibling i have now, still no word about my bastard of a brother, good riddance. But back to the play, we are taking a sci fi approach, and doing a few episodes from Star Trek Voyager, Yes, the Allen brood is a strange one.

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