20120515 - Down the Rabbit Hole.

May 15th, 2012: The Allen Cousins discus things in Central park, and Dex treats Abigail to a fancy dinner.

Manhattan - Central Park South

By far the most popular portion of the park, this area is designed for entertainment. The calm before the storm, and what connects this area to the lake, is Sheep Meadow. This meadow is the finest open expanse in the park and is often times used as a great picnic location.

A zoo, which also contains a petting zoo for children, allows for family fun. Perfectly located next to the zoo is a large carousel. The seats for those riding are not mere seats, nor are they all horses. From griffin to dragon, multiple mythological creatures are available to choose from.

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Dexter Allen Abigail Allen

A quiet day, well, for the park in any case, Dexter leans against a light post with a small notebook in hand as he is drawing out a map of the area, and waiting for his 'partner in crime' as it were. Looking up from his map writing, he sighs, "These things happen at night, have to come back here later then." he says as he closes his notebook, but if they can find a nest of some sort, maybe then can get the jump on whoever is doing this.

Arriving on her bicycle, Abby stops in front of Dexter. "Hi," she says as she dismounts and moves the bike to a nearby rack before taking off her helmet. "So what's our big plan?" she asks, approaching him while shaking out her helmet hair. "Are we seriously going to try to catch a murderer?" She still wasn't entirely sure that this wasn't some kind of joke.

Dexter looks down at her and nods his head. "Yeah, spur of the moment thing, but I don't see our boys in blue getting said murderer any time soon… Has your pack said anything about this killer?" he asks with a raised eyebrow, if they prowl around this area, there should be some info he can use, aside from vague news paper articles and the like. "I've had a look over the southern part of the park, made a map… might not be as good as it could be, I'm not a recon guy, yet."

"Not really," Abby says. "I… don't think it was one of us, at least." She looks around, with a bit of a sniff. "If it was a werewolf, I guess it might be an independent one," she explains. She looks around. "But… it could be anything really…"

Dexter smiles. "I don't think it was one of you either, I was just figuring they would know something about this… I may have to sneak into uncle Howie's office at home and have a look in his files." he says with a sigh, he doesn't want to, but he is pretty sure he could get in and out with what he needs. "You think that Broadway actress was a victim of the same killer? I mean, so far we have cyotes, a jersey devil, which is unlikely, and then a dead actress." he says as he opens his notebook. "I have notices though, that they have policed and cleaned the area pretty well, I might need that nose of yours, it hasn't rained to hard recently, maybe you could pick up something my eyes can't."

"Hm, I don't know," Abby says. "There have been a lot of things going on. But the actress was killed somewhere else, right? …We kind of need to learn more about this then…" It's kind of confusing. "I'll do what I can to help though."

Dexter looks to Abby. "A hunter who stays in the same place usually gets caught quicker, Manhattan is an island, so why wouldn't our killer stay on the island as a whole." he says as he starts to walk towards a part of the park with more trees. "It's a war tactic, a fire team who stays in one place has a greater chance of getting ambushed, you want to have a bigger area to work in, and know that area well for any escapes or flanking maneuvers." he says as he opens his notebook and continues working on his area map.

"That… makes some sense," Abby says, following Dex. "They'd have a territory…" She scans the area some more. "…It's kind of funny. You're thinking about it in terms of a war, while I can't help thinking of this as… an animal, stalking its prey. It's these instincts, they're always in the back of my mind, waiting for the chance, and…" Well, maybe they've found it.

Dexter looks up from his notebook and looks at Abby. "The first warriors were hunters who decided to use their skills to hunt people who were against them, the basics are the same, use your skills to find something." he says as he looks at her, taking a military parade stance as he talks to her, notebook now behind his back wit his hands. "First, you know your terrain or area, then you find anything that doesn't belong, is out of place, or just 'off', then you find the reason why things aren't how they should be, a dead body for example, signs of a struggle, or anything you wouldn't find in central park." A small list to be sure, but, it's a start. "In Iraq it was usually a pile or refuse with any kind of electrical wiring in it. that had the possibility of a bomb being in there."

"…Right," Abby says. This was probably the kind of thing Moira was talking about when she said to tap into her abilities as a werewolf. It was kind of scary to start listening to that inner beast, but… Maybe for something like this it was warranted. "I haven't really paid that kind of attention to the park before though."

Dexter finishes his area map of the southern part of the park and shows it to Abby. "Okay, so we have the southern part of the park, I think later I'm going to do the middle part, but for now I'm thinking we might need to stake out this area at night. I would suggest black clothing." He says, that and he will have a hand gun and a field knife with him, the gun he is licensed to carry, which is good. "if you want to come out, that's fine, might help you learn to stalk a bit better." he says with a smile. "Since I don't know if that mentor of yours has taught you any field training."

"Oh, a stake-out, huh?" She looks at the map with a bit of a smile. "That might be interesting. I haven't really talked to her too much about that sort of thing though. Maybe I should…" Hm.

Dexter chuckles. "Well, I don't know how much formal training your pack has had, you aren't just animals, you are also people, that gives you an edge over animals AND people, best you learn to use that to your advantage." he says with a nod. 'maybe even learning to use a gun and a knife as well."

"…I don't know about that," Abby says. "It'd seem… kind of weird for me. It's not the kind of thing… I would do." She thinks about it for a bit. "Then again, with what you and Dad do… maybe it wouldn't be that weird."

Dexter looks at her and gives a smile. "It may be weird, but having the skill, regardless of if you ever use it, would be a good thing." he says as he takes a look around the area, just a quick scan. "Besides, it's not like I'm going to be yelling at you while I teach you, just a hands on lesion." he says with a smile.

"…Sure," Abby says. "It'll be something new to learn." She's sure that Dex wouldn't have offered if he didn't think it would be good for her to know. "I guess I'll be joining the tough side of the family. …Not that mom's not tough in her own way of course."

Dexter chuckles. "We have only one side Abby, the tough side." he says with a smile. "You are tough, even if you don't think you are." he says as he closes his notebook and looks around a bit. "Okay, so we come back out here, wear all black, and a black hoodie or beanie too, don't wear perfume, and make sure you have your blue tooth on, so we can use our cell phones to communicate." he says with a smile. "any sign of trouble, and I want you to run for help."

"Got it," Abby says with a nod. "I'll do my best." Though, if Dex were in trouble, she's not sure she'd be able to leave the scene very easily, even to get help.

Dexter nods and smiles. "So, wanna grab dinner?" he asks as he stretches. "I skipped lunch, mostly because I was out here all day."

"Sure," Abby says. She puts her bike helmet back on. "I'm getting pretty hungry myself actually." And she had lunch! "Where should we go?"

Dexter moves to grab his own bike, he didn't bring his car today apparently. 'What are you in the mood for? I could eat anything at this point."

Abby thinks. "…All this getting in touch with my inner wolf has made me want something meaty," she answers. "But cooked, obviously."

Dexter smiles. 'Well, fried chicken, steak, or maybe just a BBQ place that serves a nice platter of meat?" he asks with a smile, meat is good.

"Let's go for the chicken," Abby answers quickly. "That sounds good to me."

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Entering the lounge wearing a black dinner coat with a white button down shirt, black slacks, and black polished formal shoes is Dexter, escorting Abigail out for a nice dinner that he had promised her. Waiting for the hostess to address them, he turns to look at Abby. "If you make it big, might have to get used to things like this." he says, well, so will he, as a military officer, it's not all bases and guns when you are brass.

Abby was definitely surprised when Dex brought her home and had her change into some nice clothes, and even more surprised when they wound up at this fancy restaurant. "I didn't think you'd be bringing me somewhere like this," she says. "But… yeah, I guess I might come places like this more often, depending on how things go for me in the future." Acting does tend to pay pretty handsomely, if you're good enough.

Dexter smiles, as far as he is concerned, Abby could be an a-list celeb no problem. As the hostess brings them to a fancy table, Dex pulls out Abby's chair and settles her in before sitting himself. "You deserve it." he says as he looks at the three menus on the table. "A seperate menu for wine." he snickers as he sets that particular list aside, no wine for him thankyou.

"Yeah… no," she adds. "So what are we going to have? I mean… they obviously don't have fried chicken here," she notes, looking through the menu.

Dexter laughs and looks over his menu. "Might pick up business if they did." he says as he looks at her. "I'm having me a steak, haven't had one since I got home." he says with a smile. "I think they do serve a gourmet chicken fried steak, but it wouldn't be the same as an authentic one."

"Me too then," Abby says with a nod. "I can smell what they're making back in the kitchen, and it smells really good…" She looks around at the other people in the restaurant. "Wonder if I'll recognize anyone around here… I mean, I already met mom's favorite author the other night, so…"

Dexter blinks and tilts his head. "Sera Roche? I had a look at the back of one of those books you got Aunt Emma, her writing style is good, I just don;t like the genre.' he says, now if she were to write a fictional fantasy or a sci fi, Dex would be all over that. "Though, I wonder if she would ghost write a book about my experiences in Iraq." he says with a joking smile, like he could ever sit still and recount his time there.

"Well, that's you," Abby says with a grin. "They're not too bad," she adds. "I don't know if she'd write about war though."

Dexter chuckles as the waitress comes over, he of course, let's his cousin order her drink first before he asks for a coke. "No romance in my story." he says. "it's funny, Moira gave me a look when I was being interviewed, if you can call it that, that I think she had a feeling of what it was like. A very intuitive woman."

"Yeah," Abby agrees, after ordering some juice. "It was the same with me when I talked to her. …How much did you actually tell her about me anyway?" she asks. "Because, it seemed like she knew most of it…"

Dexter blinks and looks at her. "I never mentioned you at all, by name anyway." he says with a tilt of his head. "What did she say about me?" he asks, tilting his head.

"Not much," Abby says. "But, she said you did say something, so…" She thinks about this for a while. "…Wow, she's good."

Dexter blinks and lowers his head. "Good? who, or what, do you think she is?" he asks as he thinks back, she did seam to know him more personally then just a first meeting.

"I don't know," Abby says. "She got me to tell her about the whole… werewolf thing," she explains, talking in a more hushed tone. "Maybe, she's actually psychic. I mean, I'm a werewolf, I have it on pretty good authority that vampires exist, so… why not psychics?"

Dexter blinks and tilts his head. "It was daylight, so she can't be a vampire, unless they can walk out in the daylight?" He asks as he sighs, yet offers a smile to the waitress as the drinks arrive. "So, if she is a psychic, then she would have read my mind." he says with a frown. "Did she bring up anything that could have remotely been directed towards Scott?" He asks, for a while, he was thinking about Scott, in any case.

"Not really," Abby says. "I wasn't thinking much about him at the time." She waves a bit to the waitress as well. "Yeah, and if she were a vampire I'd be able to smell it. I can recognize that pretty quickly."

Dexter smiles. "Like I said, you have a talented nose, anyone in the city I should be aware of?" he asks as he takes a sip. "As for Moira, let me talk to her, If she is what she is, then i deserve to know why she felt it prudent to pry into my mind." he says with a frown, he has a feeling she did.

"It depends who you spend much time with," Abby answers, drinking her own drink. "There aren't a lot of vampires around, of course."

Dexter snickers. "Yeah, I end up with a girlfriend who is a vampire, friggin lovely.' he says as the waitress walks over and, of course, letting Abby order first, he then orders a new york strip steak with a green salad and baked potato.

Abby orders pretty much the same thing. "What, do you have one?" she asks. "Not that I'd be surprised if you did already," she adds with a big grin. "In any case… if you're worried about that I'd probably be able to help."

Dexter shakes his head. 'No girlfriend yet, wait, help with the girlfriend finding or the 'she might be a vampire' thing?" he asks confused as he takes a sip of his drink. "And I'm not THAT big of a catch, I mean, maybe if we were in the south, but here, in NYC, I'm just a face in the crowd." he says, granted, part of him likes it that way, another part, well, this city does need a hero.

"I meant with the vampires, yeah," Abby says. "I don't really know a lot of girls your age, except maybe a few in the pack that I see sometimes…" Abby doesn't know if he'd be interested in having a werewolf for a girlfriend. Cousin, yeah. Girlfriend? Don't know.

Dexter blinks and looks at her. "A werewolf? I mean, aren't you guys attracted to each other? I don't know if i would stand a chance if a tall dark hound came walking up." he says with a frown.

"…Oh yeah, that's right," Abby says. "I mean, it's not impossible, but… yeah, human-shifter romances don't really happen that often from what I've heard."

Dexter nods. "Besides, I'll find someone." he says as the food arrives and he looks down at the meal. 'Yum." he comments as he begins to cut his steak.

Abby nods, and starts eating, trying harder than usual not to mess up her clothes. "I'm sure you will," she answers.

Dexter starts to eat his steak, being slow about it because he doesn't want to make a scene that 'military man doesn't know this isn't a chow hall'. Setting his fork down so he can get a drink, he looks at his cousin. "Ya know… I do find Moira quite cute." he says, and smirks.

"Really? That's… kind of surprising," Abby says. "I wouldn't have thought she was your type. I mean… you only wanted to work at that shop because you thought it might help me, right? That's what it seems like." And that's what it seemed like to Moira too, judging by what she said when they met.

Dexter blinks and tilts his head. "I wanted to work at the shop so I could have a job. The fact she is cute has nothing to do with it, and helping you will take something else other then what she sells, I don't think a voodoo doll could teach you how to survive." he says with a smile. "And what 'is' my type anyway?" he says with a wider grin, oh he has to hear this bit of wisdom.

"I don't know, just… I didn't think you'd be interested in people who are fans of occult stuff like that," Abby says. "You always seemed a bit more… grounded in the normal world."

Dexter looks at her and tilts his head. "Abby, believe it or not, after three years, you are probably the only normal thing to happen." he says with a smile. "Besides, I'm an open minded person, not as open minded as some people." he says with a smile as he takes a bite of his baked potato.

Abby laughs. "…Thanks. That means a lot." she says. "Well, if you do try to get involved with Moira… I hope things go well."

Dexter nods. "Me too, worse thing that could happen is I get canned." he says with a snicker.

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