The cast of NYC: Veil of Shadows is played by:


Amick, Madchen
Andrews, Julie
Bleu, Corbin
Bowman, Josh
Butterfield, Asa
Campbell, Danielle
Carroll, Diahann
Criss, Darren
Daddario, Alexandra
Davis, Charles Michael
Efron, Zac
Engineer, Aryana
Ford, Colin
Hudgens, Vanessa
James, Bradley
Kravitz, Lenny
Levy, Jane
Lord, Quinn
Madison, Bailee
Maslow, James
Massiah, Corrine
Metz, Alexandra
Mitchell, Maia
Morgan, Colin
Morgan, Joseph
Newman, Ryan
O'Brien, Dylan
O'Donoghue, Colin
O'Gorman, Dean
Rush, Odeya
Sanders, Jasmine
Shanks, Michael
Stevens, Amber
Stowe, Madeline
Woodard, Alfre
Wright, Bonnie

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