Steel Clover Launch

by Brooke Bishop
12 May 2012 17:58 (updated 12 May 2012 17:58) | 0 comment(s)

The Steel Clover launch went off without a hitch. It was probably one of the more successful launches the boys have had, and I'm extremely proud of them. Their new album is being released in stores and on iTunes on May 17th.

That having been said, I can't believe how amazing everything was. I'll definitely have to thank the manager of Flanaghan's for that, as she did help with the decoration ideas. I can't believe how amazing everything was, and I think it was the first promotional party that I've thrown that didn't have some big issue with it.

Granted, my date ditched me in the middle of the party but I didn't really care. I was… distracted.

Miss Roche — Sera — my favorite author was there, and she introduced me to him. The man she modeled John Drake after. The owner of Flanaghan's.

Christ that woman has a way with descriptive words. She didn't miss a single thing with that description, and it made me wonder just how much of her best friend she's actually seen.

The man is hot.

Extremely hot.

I have no idea why half the women there weren't fawning all over him. He's got presence, and charm, and I'm very surprised (and giddy) that he asked for my number. I have no idea what he sees in me, or why he wanted it, but I gave him one of my cards.

If he calls, he calls. If he doesn't, no sweat.

I… really hope he calls.

Good lord, I sound like an obsessive fan at this point. I really need to stop this.


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