by Brooke Bishop
09 May 2012 14:04 (updated 09 May 2012 14:05) | 0 comment(s)

I can't believe I did that. I really can't. Normally I'm more poised, a lot more graceful. After asking for the autograph, I really should've just gone back to my table, had dinner with Gidget and just left it all alone.

But no.

I invited Sera Roche to dine with us.


The author of Scarlet's Song, one of my favorite novels.

Gidget always gives me crap for reading romance novels, insisting that I go out and find myself a real relationship. Which is all fine and good, but she's one to talk. I don't think I've ever seen her date anyone, really. At least I have people I see every so often. Theater dates, dinner dates, the occasional hookup at a night club. I've been hurt before by a real relationship, so I'm not really all that excited to jump right into one — especially with my work schedule.

If I didn't read romance novels, we'd never have met Sera Roche, or had dinner with her. I had a great deal of fun, even though I was being super fangirly over it. I tried multiple times to curb myself, but it was really difficult to contain the excitement.

I feel like an idiot.

At least for my behavior. I know I can hold my own in conversation, even when I'm squeeing like a silly fourteen year old at an anime convention.

Apparently Miss Roche knows the owner of Flanaghan's where Steel Clover will be having their new record launch. The owner of Flanaghan's was the model for John Drake in Scarlet's Song. She wanted to introduce me to him and I quickly declined.

He must look a lot like Bryn, and that's definitely not a road I want to go down at the moment. It took me ages to get over the damnable Brit. Besides, my day planner is extremely full of other things that need to be attended — functions, night clubs with clients, work dinners…

I just don't have time to date.

Not that Miss Roche's friend would even want to date, so I think I'm getting ahead of myself entirely. Hell, the man could be married for all I know. I suppose I should ask Brennan when I head there later this afternoon to finalize events for the tenth… but that would seem rather curious and out of the blue.

I'll just forget all of this nonsense and focus on work. It really is the best idea.

At least until Miss Roche's new book comes out next month.


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