Trevos are considered by other bloodlines to be the cursed bloodline, and it is true that they are marked in ways that other bloodlines are not. Those of the Trevos bloodline are visibly deformed, or afflicted with one (or possibly more) mental illness or derangement. They live in the shadows, in the seedy underbelly of the city, in the sewers, and it is known by all Vampires that these places are the domain of the Trevos. They are the spies and information brokers, going where others cannot (or dare not) and providing their gleaned knowledge … at a price.

The strength of this bloodline is that the Trevos have a hyper-awareness of other Vampires of their bloodline, and have the ability to talk to one another telepathically. Additionally, the more unattractive and hideous their deformity, and the greater their mental illnesses, the stronger their telepathy, as well as other Vampire powers.

There's a crack in the mirror
and a bloodstain on the bed -
O you were a vampire and baby
I'm the walking dead
— Concrete Blonde, "Bloodletting"

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