The Melambra are the rulers, the leaders and the politicians of the Vampire world. This is a proud bloodline that strives to maintain an image of honor, leadership and genteel behavior. They subscribe to the belief of noblesse oblige1 meaning that they truly believe that with wealth, power and prestige come responsibility; their responsibility is the welfare of the whole of the Vampire world. They know what is best for everyone and that, in their minds, makes them best suited as leaders in the rulership and politics of the Vampires.

Often called “The Elite” or “Blue Bloods” due to their old tradition of pulling from the ranks of generals and warlords and knights and barons. In these more modern times, Melambra fill their numbers with lawyers and businessmen, politicians and crime lords. It is all about power and influence among the Melambra.

While their philosophy and doctrine may seem lofty, the gift of their bloodline allows them a certain amount of unseen influence. They are the masters of mental domination and have a formidable presence. One simply cannot ignore a Vampire of the Melambra Bloodline when he does not wish to be ignored. Their glamour is unnaturally strong, and with some, there is even power in their voices.

The Melambra are so prideful that they deny that their Bloodline could produce any weakness. This is not so. The elitism of the Melambra has caused them to develop a limited diet. Vampires of the Melambra Bloodline can only drink blood from a specific sort of mortal. Whether it be a certain physical characteristic, such as green eyes or dark hair, a certain ethnicity, or even a certain occupation or religion.


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