Kleptheros are associated with shape-shifting, anarchy and vagrancy. They are considered the most feral and predatory of the Vampires. They have little use for rules, and prefer to strike out on their own. Kleptheros tend to be reclusive, have animalistic tendencies, and the loosest social organization among the Vampires. Of all the bloodlines, they are the ones who most often clash with the Prince and those selected to uphold the peace and unity between the bloodlines.1

Extremely territorial and possessive, entering the domain of the Kleptheros without permission is to invite assault and possibly death.

The signet of the Kleptheros Bloodline.
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The ‘gift’ afforded to the Kleptheros bloodline is that of shape-shifting. At a very young age, a Kleptheros will find and identify with an animal, and this will become his animal form for as long as he walks the earth unliving. While in possession of animal form, they possess the gift of daywalking.

The greatest flaw associated with the Kleptheros is their fiery and often violent tendencies. They, more than any other bloodline, have a great deal of trouble curbing their homicidal tendencies.


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