NOTE: At this time, there is a moratorium on applying for a Vampire from the Karneros bloodline. If you wish to apply for a Karneros, you must speak to Staff and receive permission before submitting the app.

It is from the Karneros that springs and sustains the mythology of the beautiful, glamorous and seductive vampire. The Karneros Bloodline populates its ranks with the most attractive, appealing and alluring Vampires. They are known for being emotional, sensual and desirable. Their ranks are filled with those who embrace sensuality and pleasure, from the emotional artisans and sensual hedonists to sexual predators.

By their very nature, the Karneros are the most social of the Vampire Bloodlines. As artisans and musicians, writers and sculptors, they fully immerse themselves in the lives of mortals and are more aware of the movements and changes in the modern world than any other Bloodline. They adapt quickly and easily and their artistic core has also graced them with an appreciation of invention, which is just another sort of creation. In fact, many Karneros are technophiles, web site designers, graphic artists, etc.

Their closeness to mortals also makes the Karneros Bloodline the Vampires best able to maintain the Masquerade. Many wear their humanity like a second skin, one that is only shed in private and behind closed doors. Many are so rooted in the passion and power of emotions that it is almost as though their humanity did not desert them at their turning. This closeness to humanity makes it easy for the Karneros to find and attract their prey.

As though beauty and grace were not enough, Karneros Vampires are gifted with Seirēn, which is the literal Greek of ‘siren.’ They have an allure that makes heads turn when they enter the room. Karneros Vampires are the men and women that one can not help but notice and admire upon sight. At least half of the Vampires of this Bloodline also can control Seirēn, increasing (or decreasing) their attraction or appeal. When used at full strength by an experienced, moderately aged Vampire, it is not unlike the siren call from which the name is taken: highly, if not impossible to resist.

In addition to Seirēn, a quarter of the Karneros have the ability to sing lagneía (from the Greek for lust.) Lagneía, in its most basic form inspires an intense sexual passion and desire in all that it touches. Those under its influence have an intense desire to have sexual intercourse with the user of the lagneía, or the nearest person.

Lagneía drains the energies of those it feeds on and can potentially drain a person to the point of death. Thus those who possess the lagneía must have several lovers if they wish to properly feed the lagneía without killing anyone.1

The weakness of the Karneros Bloodline is that these Vampires can often become overwhelmed, enthralled or mesmerized by the beauty and sensuality that their Bloodline is built upon. Whether it is sexual pleasure, an orchestral performance or gazing at something they deem to be aesthetically pleasing. Once enthralled they lose themselves in it for long minutes or hours, staring or if it is sexual, seemingly to have gone into torpor during or following the act of intimacy.


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