Known as the Dark Wizards among the other Vampire bloodlines, the Hecanthenos are the only Vampires who retain in death the semblance of a supernatural skill possessed in life: magic. Hecanthenos are a secretive bloodline who increase their numbers only with the most powerful of witches, wizards and sorcerers.

They are considered to be master thaumaturgists, but the magic practiced once turned is quite different from that practiced while alive. The magic of the Hecanthenos is complex, dangerous and often ritualistic blood magic, and it takes years of discipline, study, and proven loyalty before the newest and youngest of Vampires of the Hecanthenos line are introduced to the secrets of mastery.

Just as in life, the manipulation of magical forces and casting of spells takes its toll on the caster. This holds even greater truth in the Hecanthenos. Because the Vampires are no longer living creatures, channeling what some believe to be a living force, it takes more energy and can leave the caster drained for hours or days. Only blood and time will allow the Vampire to recover.

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